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DRUG DESIGN (AN OVERVIEW) DRUG DESIGN DRUG DESIGN Approaches to drug discovery: Serendipity (luck) Chemical Modification Screening Rational Irrational, based on serendipity & Intuition Trial & error approach in DRUG DESIGN Time consuming with low through output No de novo design, mostly  “Me Too Approach” First generation Rational approach in …

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CHANGE CONTROL Definition: Change control is a formal system by which a qualified representative of appropriate disciplines review proposed and actual changes that might affect the validated status. The intent is to determine the need for action that would ensure that the system is maintained in a validated state. Types …

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Quality Management System

Quality Management System Definition: A Quality Management System is a collection of policies, procedures, plans, resources, processes, practices, and the specification of responsibilities and authority of an organization designed to achieve product and service quality levels, customer satisfaction, and company objectives. Documentation: Quality Policy – describes the organization’s approach to …

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HAZARD ANALYSIS OF CRITICAL CONTROL POINT (HACCP) TABLE OF CONTENTS HAZARD ANALYSIS OF CRITICAL CONTROL POINT 1. Declaration. Quality Policy Quality Objectives Company Profile Layout of Plant Organization Chart HACCP Introduction HACCP Prerequisite Programs Seven Principles of HACCP Hazards HACCP Scope HACCP Team Responsibility Hazard Analysis Introduction Hazard Analysis for …

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