Clean Room Quiz 6


Clean Room Quiz 6 Question: What is the purpose of an airflow direction test and visualization? Answer: The purpose of an airflow direction test and visualization is to demonstrate that the airflow direction and its uniformity of velocity conform to the design and performance specifications. Question: What are the four methods used for performing the … Read more

Clean Room Quiz 5


Clean Room Quiz 5 Question: What is recommended for measuring the supply air volume flow rate in cases where there is local airflow turbulence and jet velocities issuing from an outlet? Answer: It is recommended to use an airflow capture hood that captures all of the air issuing from each final filter or supply diffuser. … Read more

Clean Room Quiz 3

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Clean Room Quiz 3 Question: When need to plan for testing and verification testing should be conducted according to the ISO 14644? Answer: Testing should be carried out at minimum during the following instances: a) In connection with classification according to ISO 14644-1; b) At verification during start-up; c) At verification after failures have been … Read more

Clean Room Quiz 2

Clean Room Quiz 2 Question: What is the objective of the air pressure difference test.? Answer: The objective of the air pressure difference test is to confirm the effectiveness of the cleanroom’s air movement system in maintaining the designated pressure differential between the cleanroom and its surrounding environment. Question: When should the air pressure difference … Read more

Clean Room Quiz 1

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Clean Room Quiz 1 -Question & answers on Clean Room Question: What is the definition of an “airborne particle”? Answer: An airborne particle is described as a solid or liquid object suspended in the air, whether viable or non-viable, falling within a size range spanning from 1 nanometer (nm) to 100 micrometers (μm). Question: How … Read more