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March, 2023

  • 4 March

    Process validation protocol

    Process validation protocol A written plan stating how validation will be conducted, including test parameters, product characteristics, production and packaging equipment, and decision points on what constitutes acceptable test results. The process validation protocol is defined as the experimental plan that design thoroughly the validation programmed. Protocol of the Process …

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  • 1 March

    GMP Inspection Checklist & Most frequently asked questions about HPLC

    GMP Inspection Checklist & Most frequently asked questions about HPLC HPLC is an abbreviation for High-Performance Liquid Chromatography. “Chromatography” is a technique for separation, “chromatogram” is the result of chromatography, and “chromatograph” is the instrument used to conduct chromatography. HPLC dedicated to molecular separation called columns and high-performance pumps for …

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February, 2023

  • 23 February

    Audit checklist for Purified Water System

    Audit checklist for Purified Water System Purified water is water that has been mechanically filtered or processed to remove impurities like bacteria, viruses, chemical pollutants, and minerals like lead and copper, Purified Water is intended for use as an ingredient of official preparations and in tests and assays unless otherwise …

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  • 7 February

    Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs)

    Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) CGMPs provide systems that assure proper design, monitoring, and control of manufacturing processes and facilities.  Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) are the basic manufacturing and environmental conditions required to produce pharmaceutical products. They ensure that ingredients, products, and packaging materials are handled safely and that pharmaceutical products …

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January, 2023

  • 23 January

    Liquid pharmaceutical Preparations

    Liquid pharmaceutical Preparations A solution is a homogenous one-phase system consisting of two or more components. →solvent + solute • The solvent is that phase in which the dispersion occurs and the solute is that component that is dispersed as small molecules or ions in the solvent. • Liquid preparations: …

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