Colour Coding system of Utility Lines

  • Objective:To lay down the Colour Coding system for indicating the contents of Utility Lines.
  • Scope: This Standard Operating Procedure is applicable to the formulation plant of pharmaceutical Company.
  • Responsibility
    • The Concerned Technician shall follow the Colour Coding System as per this SOP.
    • The Officer/Executive-Engineering shall be responsible for implementation of the procedure as per this SOP.
  • Accountability:Head-Engineering/Designee shall ensure the compliance of the procedure as per this SOP.
  • Abbreviation and Definitions:
  • HSD :High Speed Diesel
  • FO :Furnace Oil
  • LPG:Liquefied Petroleum Gas
  • SOP: Standard Operating Procedure
  • Procedure
  • The purpose of painting the utility pipelines with different colours is to facilitate the easy identification of the contents of the service lines and to indicate their direction of flow.
  • The colour codes for pipelines shall be painted as per the following Table.
Sr.No. Content of Pipeline Ground Colour First Colour Band Second Colour Band
1 Treated Water Sea Green Light Orange
2 Purified Water Sea Green Band

On SS line

French Blue Signal red
3 Hydrant water Fire Red Crimson Red
4 Chilled Water Sea Green Black Canary Yellow
5 Steam Silver Grey Band on Aluminum Cladding Signal Red
6 Compressed Air Sky Blue Signal Red
7 Vacuum Sky Blue Black
8 LPG Canary Yellow
9 FO Light Brown Brilliant Green
10 HSD Fuel Light Brown
11 Hydrogen Canary Yellow Signal Red French Blue
12 Nitrogen Canary Yellow Black
13 Oxygen Canary Yellow White
14 Drainage Black
15 Condensate Sea Green Light Brown
16 Hot Water Sea Green Light Gray
17 Soft Water Sea Green Light Brown
18 Waste Water Sea Green Canary Yellow Signal Red


  • To indicate the direction of flow red or white arrow marks shall be painted on the pipeline at suitable positions (e.g. at junction, entry and exit point etc.)
  • The paints used for painting on the pipeline or the tape used should have a glossy finish.
  • Forms and Records:
  • Not Applicable
  • Distribution
  • Master Copy : Documentation Cell
  • Controlled Copies: Engineering, Quality Assurance Production, Quality control,warehouse. Administration and Housekeeping

8.0       History

Date Revision Number Reason for Revision
00 New SOP

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