Orbital Welding Procedure for purified water system

Orbital Welding Procedure for purified water system

  • Objective : To get more consistent root weld beads and weld overrun, pinholes should be absent.
  • Scope :This SOP is applicable for Orbital Welding of purified water system
  • Procedure :
  • Ensure the welder is qualified before starting of welding.
  • Clamp the welding head at position of welding joint.
  • Centre the tungsten tip over the weld joint contact surface.
  • Attach purge gas source to open end of system being welded preferably at point that is the lowest point & Purge gas Vent point at the opposite to gas source point.
  • Set the weld parameters in the orbital welding machine as per the component.
  • Isolate the inner surface of the components being welded properly by providing non oxidising gas as surrounding environment.
  • Ensure the ends of the components being welded are properly aligned and carry out the welding activity.
  • Collect two weld samples with same set parameters and verify that they meet acceptance criteria.
  • Continue till samples meet the acceptance criteria. Set parameters of the acceptable samples shall be recorded and the same shall be followed to carryout welding regularly.
  • Use the equipment setting and other supplies (Purging gas, Electrode etc.), which were approved at the beginning of the day.
  • The test weld samples inspected should be permanently marked to identify the weld. Recording of the set parameters / observations shall be done in this form.
  • Attach the orbital welding report printout with this form.
  • After finish welding allow to cool joint slowly at room temp.
  • Clean OD only with fine K-2 paste / scotch brite.
  • Observation should be filled in Orbital Observation Sheet.




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