Boroscopy Examination Procedure for Purified water system

  • Objective : To take the photographs of pipe weld joints made by fusion of base material without the addition of filler and recorded in the attached compact disc and should meeting the required specifications mentioned below.
  •  Uniformity in weld joint.
  • Should have proper penetration.
  • Should not have any foreign object or pit holes.
  • Scope :this SOP is applicable for Boroscopy Examination of pipe line and storage tank of purified water system.
  • Procedure :
  • The weld joints to be examined shall be made accessible for entry and movement of the fiber optic cable.
  • Synchronies the visual display with the camera tips vision for clarity.
  • Articulate the camera tip all around the seam and interrelate the joints quality.
  • The image shall be saved with the identification of the weld joints No. in appropriate folder memory card.
  • In case of rejection, the weld joint shall be marked with a specified procedure of rejection.
  • The rejection joint shall be carried for the rectification and re-offered.
  • Observation should be filled in Boroscopy Observation Sheet.


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