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Quality Control Quiz 1

Quality Control Quiz 1

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Quality Control Quiz 1

Quality control laboratories  play a vital role in testing and verifying that finished pharmaceutical product (FPPs) continue to meet international standards of quality  and safety,  and if and when they fail to do so, alerting regulators, procurers and manufacturers of the need for corrective action.

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Question 1: What does HPLC stand for?

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Question 2: What is the main principle behind HPLC separation?

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Question 3: What is the stationary phase in HPLC?

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Question 4: What is the primary purpose of the detector in an HPLC system?

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Question 5: Which of the following factors can affect the resolution in HPLC?

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Question 6: What is the role of the mobile phase in HPLC?

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Question 7: What does the "retention time" refer to in HPLC?

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Question 8: Which detector type is commonly used to detect compounds with ultraviolet absorption in HPLC?

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Question 9 : Which of the following is NOT mentioned as a calibration parameter for a detector?

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Question 10 : The calibration of a pump involves assessing the accuracy of:

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Question 11: What is the purpose of HPLC calibration?

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Question 12 . Which parameter is used for the calibration of an auto sampler according to the provided information?

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Question 13 : What aspect of the auto sampler is assessed during its calibration?

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Question 14 : Which of the following is a part of the auto sampler calibration process?

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Question 15 : What parameter is used for the calibration of a detector based on the given details?

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