• To lay down a procedure for Cleaning of Air Handling Unit (AHU) filters  20 Micron, 10 Micron , 5 Micron
  •  SCOPE
  • This SOP is applicable to cleaning of Air Handling Unit (AHU) filters 20 Micron , 10 Micron, 5 Micron .
  •  Technical Supervisor / Engineer
  •  Manager
  •  Precautions
  •  Stop the Air Handling Unit and isolate power supply.
  • Check the number of filters to be cleaned with respect to size, mesh and number.
  • Handle the filters carefully. Follow the correct sequence of removing and fixing the filters before and after cleaning. First remove the 20 micron and proceed towards 5 micron. Repeat the sequence while fixing
  •  Don’t damage the filter medium, filter casing and tubular spacers
  • Handle filters with care while bringing back to Air Handling Unit.
  • Close the AHU service door after removing the filters for cleaning
  • Pre start Up
  • Check and note pressure drop across filter banks with help of Magnahelic gauge or data logger as applicable
  • Position the filters on the chamber window of the filter cleaning equipment
  •  Tap the filter gently by hand  / on floor with up stream (dirty) side facing down to floor to dislodge all loose particles.  
  • Operation
  • Ensure filters cleaning room is cleaned and the filters checking equipment is in operation.
  • Ensure that compressed air pressure is regulated between 1.0 to 1.5 Kg/cm2.
  • Take out the filters as per numbering in sequential manner by starting from 20 micron.
  • Ensure the service door is positioned back and closed after removing the filters for cleaning
  • Ensure the dust collector blower is switched on and in operation.
  • Ensure the compressed air Pressure is set to 1.0 to 1.5 Kg/cm2
  • Direct the compressed air over the filters surface with an angle from one end to another corner on the total surface
  • Ensure the filters is cleaned thoroughly by visual inspection
  • Remove the filters from the cleaning chamber and check its cleanliness by means of measuring the pressure difference on he filter checking equipment as per SOP.
  • Keep the filter in the plastic cover and shift to the AHU area
  • Place the filters properly in Air Handling Unit with as per numbering and in the reverse sequence of removal
  • Tighten all the bolts of the filters.
  • Tighten all the bolts of plenum doors
  • Close the service door.
  • Switch on the main and start the AHU                  
  • Check pressure difference across filters with the help of Magnehelic gauge/data
  • Logger as applicable
  • Check and note the conditions inside the rooms.
  • Document the details of cleaning in the machine history card
  • Frequency of Cleaning
  • During product to product change over
  • Whenever the Pressure drop across the filters exceeds 6 mm of WC
  • During the Preventive Maintenance schedules completion
  • Forms and Records (Annexures)
  • Not Applicable
  • Distribution
  • Master copy –  Quality Assurance
  • Controlled copies- Quality Assurance, Production, Quality Control
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