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A 7 -

PERFORMANCE QUALIFICATION PROTOCOL PURIFIED WATER SYSTEM OBJECTIVE To describe the Performance Qualification procedure to be used during validation of purified water system in order to: a) ensure the system reproducibility over an appropriate time period as per user requirement specifications. b) ensure that the system is showing consistency in producing …

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Cleaning Validation – Glossary of Terms

A 6 -

Cleaning Validation Glossary of Terms 1 Acceptable daily intake An amount of a substance administered or consumed on a daily basis that will not produce a pharmacological or toxic response 2 Analyte Substance for which an analysis is being performed 3 API Active pharmaceutical ingredient 4 Automated cleaning A cleaning …

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Production & purification of drinking-water as per WHO

A 3 -

Production & purification of drinking-water as per WHO General considerations The specifications for WPU found in compendia (e.g. pharmacopoeias) do not define the permissible water purification methods apart from for BWFI. The chosen water purification method or sequence of purification steps must be appropriate to the application in question. The …

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General principles for pharmaceutical water systems As per WHO

A 2 -

General principles for pharmaceutical water systems Pharmaceutical water production, storage and distribution systems should be designed, installed, commissioned, qualified and maintained to ensure the reliable production of water of an appropriate quality. It is necessary to validate the water production process to ensure the water generated, stored and distributed is …

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Materials in Pharmaceutical as per WHO Guideline

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Materials in Pharmaceutical as per WHO Guideline Principle. The main objective of a pharmaceutical plant is to produce finished products for patients’ use from a combination of materials (starting and packaging). Materials include starting materials, packaging materials, gases, solvents, process aids, reagents and labelling materials. No materials used for operations …

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SOP on SOP Objective : To lay down a procedure for the preparation, approval and control of Standard Operating Procedures. Scope: This Standard Operating Procedure is applicable for the preparation and implementation of all Standard Operating Procedures to be followed at Pharmaceutical Company. Responsibility Staff of Initiator Department shall be …

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ICH Q8/Q9/Q10 Questions and Answers

A 25 -

ICH Q8/Q9/Q10 1.1 For General Clarification Date of Approval Questions Answers 1.0 June 2009 Is the minimal approach accepted by regulators? Yes. The minimal approach as defined in Q8(R2) (sometimes also called ‘baseline’ or ‘traditional’ approach) is the expectation that is to be achieved for a fully acceptable submission. However, …

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Guidance Document Cleaning Validation

Guidance Document Cleaning Validation Scope Introduction Principles Validation of Cleaning Processes Equipment and Personnel Microbiological Considerations Documentation Analytical Methods Sampling, Rinsing, Rinse Samples and Detergents Establishment of Limits Change Control/revalidation References 3.1 The objective of the cleaning validation is to verify the effectiveness of the cleaning procedure for removal of …

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Technology Transfer in pharmaceutical manufacturing (WHO)

A 23 -

Technology Transfer in pharmaceutical manufacturing (WHO) Introduction Scope Glossary Organization and management Production: transfer (processing, packaging and cleaning) Quality control: analytical method transfer Premises and equipment Documentation Qualification and validation 1.1 Transfer of processes to an alternative site occurs at some stage in the life-cycle of most products, from development, …

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Process Validation Critical Parameters

A 22 -

Process Validation Critical Parameters Process Validation(FDA Definition) Establishing Documented Evidence, Which provides a high degree of assurance that a specific process will  consistently produce a product meeting its predetermined specifications and quality attributes.” Steps in Validating a Process: Develop validation protocol Conduct installation qualification Conduct operational qualification Conduct performance qualification …

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