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SOP on Operating procedure for vernier caliper in Pharmaceutical company

  • To lay down a procedure for Operation of Vernier Caliper
  • This Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is applicable to In-process samples.
  • IPQA / Production Executive / Officer
  • Head –Quality Assurance
  • Clean the apparatus with tissue paper after every use.
  • Press the ON/OFF button to switch  on  the equipment.
  • Select the units of measurements either in mm or inch.
  • Hold the equipment in such a way that the digital display faces towards the observer.
  • Coincide the two jaws (fixed as well as movable) gently so that the two jaws just touch each other.
  • Note down the displayed value, it should be 0.00. If the displayed value is not 0.00 press the zero button to make it 0.00.Hold the object to be measured in hand between the jaws by moving the movable jaw in such a way so that the object is just held between the jaws.
  • For checking the  internal diameter use the upper jaws and open the jaws in such a way that it just touches  the internal surface. Do not over press.
  • Note down the value displayed on the screen.
  • Switch OFF the equipment after use and place in the box.
  • Forms and Records (Annexures)
  • Not Applicable
  • Distribution
  • Master copy –  Quality Assurance
  • Controlled copies- Quality Assurance, Production, Quality Control.engineering
  • History
    Date Revision Number Reason for Revision
    00 New SOP


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