Checklist for Precautions during Sample Dilution /preparations in Wet Labs

Checklist for Precautions during Sample Dilution /preparations in Wet Labs

Checklist for Do’s

  • Use a bulb pipette for further dilution.
  • During pipetting Wipe off the tip with clean tissue paper. Adjust the meniscus to eye level by discarding the solution to waste. Transfer the amount to the volumetric flask. Touch the tip to the wall for about 15 sec to drain out the solution.
  • For Pipetting use a rubber bulb & pipette carefully so as to avoid accidentally pipetting the solution in the bulb.
  • Use the same pipette for standard & sample dilution
  • Use a micropipette or micro syringe for Volumes stated in microliters.
  • Clean/rinse the vials with the final solution& transfer them to the vial for injection. screw capping (very important for HPLC, GC)
  • During extraction Shake the separator into & fro (Back and forth) in a horizontal direction holding to the stopper and body of the separator with tip of the flask away from the analyst & our self.
  • Shake the separator vigorously wherever applicable by releasing pressure in between.
  • During release pressure open the other end (cork) and blow the solution to go inside if started coming out. Again close it and continue shaking.
  • During separation allow separating by keeping one end open ( do not stopper)

Checklist for Don’ts

  • Don’t use a graduated pipette for further dilutions.
  • Don’t blow the last drop or do not warm the bulb using your palm to drain the last drop during dilution by using a pipette
  • Don’t pipet by mouth.
  • Don’t use different pipettes for dilution of standard & sample.
  • Don’t use graduated pipettes for volume stated in microliters.
  • Don’t rinse the vial by using diluent for standard &sample to be injected. Do not proceed if vial crimping is not proper.
  • Don’t shake the separator in a vertical direction
  • Do not shake vigorously if the mixture tends to give emulsion.
  • Don’t loosen the cork after releasing pressure to avoid spillage and loss in solution.
  • Don’t stopper during allow to separate the layer.

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