SOP On Operation of Halogen Moisture Balance

  •  Objective:To lay down the Operating procedure for Halogen Moisture Balance.
  • Scope:This standard operating procedure shall be applicable for formulation plant of Pharmaceutical company name with location.

Make: Mettler Toledo.

  • Responsibility
    • Trained worker / Operator shall be responsible for operating of the equipment as per this SOP.
    • Production Supervisor / Officer shall be responsible for implementation of this SOP.
    • Head-Production / designee shall be responsible for compliance of this SOP.
  • Abbreviations and Definitions

SOP  Standard Operating Procedure

QA –  Quality Assurance

  • Procedure
    • Switch ‘ON’ the apparatus by pressing ON/OFF key.
    • All the sign & codes appear on the screen.
    • Display shows initial status of closed automatic sampler with the sign  ┬
    • Press OPEN / CLOSE key automatic sample chamber open.
    • Screen shall start flash and indicating for tarring for sample pan.
    • Now put the sample pan on the pan handler and by pressing Tare key(O/T ) tare the sample plan.
    • After tarring display indicating for loading the sample.
    • Take uniform granules up to 2-3 gm.
    • Press ‘START’ key automatic sampler chamber close and instrument start drying.
    • end of the drying automatic sampler chamber open with buzzer sound.
    • Display shows the moisture content.
    • Press the ‘RESET’ key to delete the measurement result from display.
    • Now instrument is ready for next operation.
    • Press the «0—9» key and enter the desired drying temperature- either with scroll up and down key and confirm the setting by press ‘ENTER’ key.
    • Drying program select by pressing “Drying Program Key” display shows
    • Press display mode and select on 0►-100 setting.
    • Print shall be obtained at different interval. The time of interval selected on the screen by pressing ‘Print Interval’.
    • Press Print key print shall be obtained.
  • Forms and Records
    • Not Applicable
  • Distributions
    • Master Copy – Documentation Cell (QA)
    • Controlled Copies – Production and Quality Assurance
  • History
Date Revision


Reason for revision
        – 00 New SOP

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