SOP on house keeping, cleaning and sanitization of general area in Pharmaceutical company

SOP on house keeping, cleaning and sanitization of general area in Pharmaceutical company.

Objective :To lay down a procedure for Good House Keeping, cleaning and sanitization of General Area.

Scope: This procedure is applicable for cleaning and sanitization of General areas other than manufacturing area of the Pharmaceutical Company.


Personnel – P & A

Head – P & A

Accountability :Head – P & A shall be accountable for compliance of SOP


House Keeping:


Use door handle to push / pull the door. Do not put your hand on the Glasses.

Do not try to open the door with your shoes.

Ensure that you have closed the door behind you.

If you have to bring the trolley In / Out side, Do not keep the door open for a long time.

Use of Door Mat

Always wipe your shoes before entering in side the modules.

Ensure that Door mat always be kept at the entries.

Wet Floor

Avoid walking over the wet floor.

Do not walk over leaked / spilled water.

Do not walk over any spillages.

A 5 -

Use of Wash Basin

Ensure that water is not spilled over while washing your face / hands.

Ensure water is not dripping from your hands when you leave the wash basin.

Ensure that all spitting flushed away.

Avoid spitting in the Roads / Road side.

Try to use the nearest wash basin.

Use of Dust Bin

Put all the waste materials in the dust bin.

Do not throw / place the waste near the dust bin.

If dust bin is get full, Inform the house keeper of your area.

Do not throw the waste papers / polythene bags on the Road side or in the storm drain use nearest garbage bin.

Powder / Material Spillages

Make sure that Powder /Material is not spilled on the floor.

In case of spillages, wipe it out immediately.

Ensure that vessel / polythene bags are used to carry the Material to avoid leakage.

Ensure that No unwanted / unused materials & Equipments stacked In/Outside the Modules or your work areas.

Ensure that every thing is kept / placed at their identified areas.

The above described activities shall be done in the presence of respective area incharge.

General Cleaning and Sanitization:

Table for General Area for Cleaning, Periodicity and Mode of Cleaning:

S. No.AreaPeriodicityMode of Cleaning
1.QA, QC, P&A, WH, Production  Roads, Engineering, Utility etc.Daily or as requiredSweeping.
2.QA, QC, P&A, WH, Production, Engineering, Utility etc.Daily or as requiredWet mopping of floor using disinfectant solution.
3.QA, QC, P&A, WH, Engineering, Utility etc.WeeklyTube lights, Fans & ACs shall be cleaned by electrician only, Ceiling & Walls, Drain traps, Floor Scrubbing.
4.ToiletDaily or as requiredDry mopping of walls, doors and window frames and switch plates. Urinals using toilet cleaner.
5.ToiletTwice a dayWC (Water closet) wet and dry mopping of floor using disinfectants.
6.ToiletWeeklyCleaning of ceiling, ceiling light, floor scrubbing and drains

The following disinfectants shall be used and are rotated weekly:

Disinfectant shall be used by rotating/changing on weekly basis, for preparation of disinfectant Refer SOP on Disinfectant usage policy.

Cleaning Record:

Cleaning Record of toilets shall be maintained as per current version of Format No. PAGN016/F01.

Cleaning Record of general area shall be maintained as per current version of Format..

List of Annexure And Formats

House Keeping Cleaning Record  – Toilet

House Keeping Cleaning Record – General Area


SOP on Disinfectant usage policy. (QA-GN-008)

Reason For Revision

Not applicable.


QA             :           Quality Assurance

QC                        :           Quality Control

WH            :           Warehouse,

P&A           :           Personnel and Administration

House Keeping Cleaning Record – Toilets

Door & Window frames,

Switch plates

WC(Water closet) 1st
Floor wet & dry 1st
Ceiling Lights
Floor Scrubbing
Checked By

House Keeping Cleaning Record – General Area

Door and Window Frames
Switch Plates
Floor Dry and Wet
Dust Bins
Ceiling and Walls
Tube lights
Drain traps
Exhaust fans
Floor scrubbing
Checked By



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