Operation & Cleaning of Laser Printing Machine

Operation & Cleaning of Laser Printing Machine

1.0       OBJECTIVE:

            To Lay Down the  Procedure for Operation & Cleaning of Laser Printing Machine.

2.0       SCOPE:

This SOP is applicable for production Department for Operation & Cleaning of Laser Printing Machine



3.1       Officer production & QA personnel shall be responsible for this SOP.



4.1       Manager Production & QA Head Shall be accountable for this SOP.


5.0       ATTACHMENTS:

            Not applicable

    • Operation Procedure:
      • Ensure that the Equipment and the Area clean and released by the IPQA for production
      • Remove “Cleaned” label and affix “Equipment Status” label on machine.
      • Connect main plug of the machine with the main power supply.
      • Switch ON the main power supply.
      • Switch ON the laser printing machine.
      • Check and correct the level of ink and thinner in the transparent level indicator of machine.
      • Use keypad to set following details on the display panel of machine as mentioned in Batch record:
        •   Batch No:
        • Mfg Date :
        • Exp Date :
        • R.P :
        • License no :
      • Take the initial printing proof on the Batch record and carton and get it checked by packing supervisor and verified by IPQA person.
      • Attach the approved specimen to the Batch record.
      • Start the operation in such a way that the laser printing impression come on to the appropriate place over the carton/strip.
      • After completion of the operation, switch OFF electrical mains of machine.
      • Remove all the left over / over printed / unprinted packing material from the machine.
      • Affix “To be cleaned” status label on the Laser Printing Machine.
      • Record the operating details in the respective Equipment Sequential log book.
    • Cleaning Procedure:
      • Switch off the electric connection.
      • Remove all the packing material & documents of previous batch.
      • Wipe the machine with wet cotton cloth thoroughly.
      • Clean the machine with lint free cotton cloth and wipe 70% IPA solution or thinner (If required).
      • Put the status label on machine.
      • Record the cleaning details of the lasar printing Machine in Equipment Sequential log Book for laser printing Machine.






SOP         –    Standard Operating Procedure

IPA          –     Iso Propyl Alcohol



             Quality Assurance



Version No. Effective Date Reason for Revision
00 12/09/13 New SOP
01 12/09/15 Periodic revision
02 09/10/17 Periodic revision


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