List of SOPs Quality Control

List of SOPs Quality Control

Sr. No. SOP Title
1. SOP on entry & exit procedure in Quality Control Department
2. SOP on sampling of raw material.
3. SOP on intermediate and finished product analysis and approval
4. SOP on analysis of sample by contract laboratory
5. SOP on sampling procedure of packaging material.
6. SOP on testing & approval / rejection of packaging materials
7. SOP on entry and exit into sampling Booth Area
8. SOP on cleaning of sampling Booth Area
9. SOP on handling of OOT
10. SOP on calibration of IR moisture balance analyzer (Sartorius)
11. SOP on retesting of Raw material
12. SOP on sampling, testing & release of utility & housekeeping materials.
13. SOP on maintaining quality control equipment/ instrument log book
14. SOP on operation of stability chambers
15. SOP on receipt and handling of stability samples
16. SOP on operation of stability chamber software
17. SOP on cleaning, maintenance and calibration of stability chamber.
18. SOP on handling of miscellaneous samples.
19. SOp on operation of cooling cabinet.
20. SOp on cleaning, maintenance and calibration of cooling cabinet.
21. Sop on preparation of spec, stp and gtps (sandeep sir)
22. Sop on alarm system
23. SOP on chemical analysis of water
24. SOP on cleaning procedure of glass ware
25. SOP on calibration of glassware
26. SOP on opening and closing of the Q.C. department
27. SOP on preparation, review and approval of Worksheets
28. SOP on preparation of certificate of analysis (COA)
29. SOP on handling of lab chemical and reagents.
30. SOP on preparation and standardization of volumetric solution.
31. SOP on preparation and storage of test solutions / Indicators
32. SOP on analysis and approval of raw material
33. SOP on procurement and handling of reference standards & impurity standards
34. SOP on procurement and handling of working standards
35. SOP on rounding off the figure while calculating the testing parameters
36. SOP on analytical method validation
37. SOP on laboratory safety rules and discipline
38. SOP on qualification of instruments
39. SOP on cleaning procedure for water bath
40. SOP on operation of water bath
41. SOP on calibration of water bath
42. SOP on cleaning procedure of dissolution test apparatus
43. SOP on operation of dissolution test apparatus
44. SOP on calibration of  dissolution test apparatus
45. SOP on cleaning of karl fischer titrator
46. SOP on operation of karl fischer titrator
47. SOP on calibration of karl fischer titrator
48. SOP on Instruments calibration schedule.
49. SOP on cleaning and operation of refrigerator
50. SOP on destruction of samples after analysis
51. SOP on stability studies for drug products.
52. SOP on cleaning of UV cabinet
53. SOP on operation of UV cabinet
54. SOP on cleaning of centrifuge apparatus
55. SOP on operation of centrifuge apparatus
56. SOP on cleaning of hot plate
57. SOP on operation of hot plate
58. SOP on cleaning procedure of ultrasonic bath
59. SOP on operation of ultrasonic bath
60. SOP on cleaning procedure of melting point apparatus
61. SOP on operation of melting point apparatus
62. SOP on calibration of melting point apparatus
63. SOP on cleaning procedure of muffle furnace
64. SOP on operation of muffle furnace
65. SOP on allotment of A.R.No. for raw material, intermediate, finished product, stability product, water, swab/rinse water & packing material
66. SOP on operation of eye wash cum safety shower
67. SOP on cleaning of magnetic stirrer
68. SOP on operation of magnetic stirrer
69. SOP on cleaning procedure of UV spectrophotometer.
70. SOP on operation of UV spectrophotometer
71. SOP on calibration of UV spectrophotometer.
72. SOP on cleaning procedure of FT-IR spectrometer
73. SOP on operation of FT-IR spectrometer
74. SOP on calibration of FT-IR spectrometer
75. SOP on cleaning of refractometer
76. SOP on operation of refractometer
77. SOP on calibration of refractometer
78. SOP on operation of milli- Q water system
79. SOP on cleaning and operation of sieve shaker
80. SOP on cleaning procedure of gas liquid chromatography
81. SOP on operation procedure of gas liquid chromatography
82. SOP on calibration of gas liquid chromatograph
83. SOP on cleaning procedure of quaternary HPLC
84. SOP on operation of quaternary HPLC
85. SOP on calibration of quaternary HPLC
86. SOP on cleaning procedure of polarimeter
87. SOP on operation of polarimeter
88. SOP on calibration of polarimeter
89. SOP on cleaning of PH meter
90. SOP on operation of PH meter
91. SOP on calibration of PH meter
92. SOP on cleaning procedure of conductivity meter
93. SOP on operation of conductivity meter
94. SOP on calibration of conductivity meter.
95. SOP on analyst qualification
96. SOP on cleaning procedure of Autotitrator
97. SOP on Operation of Autotitrator
98. SOP on Calibration of Autotitrator
99. SOP on cleaning of analytical balance (sartorius)
100. SOP on operation of analytical balance (Sartorius)
101. SOP on cleaning procedure of tap density apparatus
102. SOP on operation of tap density apparatus
103. SOP on procedure of analysis of different stages of various dosage forms
104. SOP on preparation and allotment of material safety data sheet (MSDS) number
105. SOP on Good Laboratory Practices (GLP)
106. SOP on Cleaning of analytical balance (Mettler Toledo)
107. SOP on Operation of analytical balance (Mettler Toledo)
108. SOP on preparation of mobile phase and diluents
109. SOP on Cleaning and Operating procedure of analytical balance.
110. SOP on Cleaning and Operating procedure of Scuff Tester.
111. SOP on Cleaning and Operating Procedure of Bursting strength tester
112. SOP on Calibration procedure of Bursting strength tester.
113. SOP on stability study of volumetric solution
114. SOP on receipt and storage of HPLC column.
115. SOP on cleaning & operation of viscometer
116. SOP on handling of Primary standard.
117. SOP on calibration of viscometer
118. SOP on handling of laboratory incidents
119. SOP on Bracketing standards & tests in HPLC & GC analysis
120. SOP on validation of calculator
121. SOP on validation of excel sheet
122. SOP on preventive maintenance schedule of quality control instruments
123. SOP on back up / restore and archive of analytical data in electronic form
124. SOP on cleaning and operating procedure of COBB tester
125. SOP on reconciliation of stamped, under test, approved and rejected labels
126. Sop on user management of computer system associated with lab instruments.
127. Sop on calibration of Karl Fischer Titrator (Metrohm)
128. Sop on cleaning procedure of Karl Fischer Titrator (Metrohm)
129. Sop on operation of Karl Fischer apparatus.
130. Sop on handling of desiccants.
131. Sop on calibration of Quaternary HPLC waters
132. Sop on operation of Quaternary HPLC(Make Waters, Model-Alliance)
133. Sop on cleaning of Quaternary HPLC(Make Waters, Model-Alliance)
134. SOP on cleaning of dissolution Test Apparatus
135. SOP on operation of dissolution Test Apparatus
136. SOP on calibration of dissolution Test Apparatus



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