Correction of Documentation Errors

  • To provide a procedure for correction of any documentation error, occurred during  documenting  data  in  operating  departments (like  Quality  Control, Production, Warehouse, Engineering, QA)
  • Personnel of concerned department to implement.
  • Heads  of concerned departments to ensure compliance.
  • All personnel shall avoid to make data entry errors.
  • In case an entry error is made, the correct entry is to be made as described below :
  • Do not over write the wrong entry. Cross it out with a line.
  • Clearly write the correct entry near the cross-out.
  • Initial and put the date, on which the correction was made.
  • If the correction is made on a date after the date of original entry, it must be corrected  as  mentioned  above  and  counter-signed  and  dated  by  the immediate senior
  • Under no circumstances, any artificial corrections be used to correct an error (e.g.., correction fluid etc.)
  • If an entire line/paragraph/page to be deleted  from a sequential record (e.g., log book or stock card) the following steps are to be taken :
  • Cross it out with a line.
  •  Write a note explaining the reason for deletion near  the cross-out.
  • Initial and put the date, on which the correction was made.
  • If the note was made on a date after the date of the initial entry, it must be corrected as mentioned above and counter-signed and dated by the immediate senior.
  • If any page(s) left blank, draw a line across the page and, write ” Cancelled”  across the page and sign with date.
  • Do not leave any column in the record/document unfilled. If any column in a record/document is not applicable, write ‘NA’. If no comments, write ‘Nil’ or f.
  • All documentation entries shall be made with ball point pens or permanent ink markers.
  • Forms and Records (Annexures)
  • Not Applicable
  • Distribution
  • Master copy –  Quality Assurance
  • Controlled copies- Quality Assurance, Production, Quality
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