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Calibration procedure for halogen moisture analyser

Calibration procedure for halogen moisture analyser

  • To lay down the procedure for calibration of Halogen moisture analyser,
  • This SOP shall provide the calibration procedure of Halogen moisture analyser in in-process quality assurance department and quality control department.
  • Officer/ Executive – Quality Control/Quality Assurance.
  • Head QC/QA
  • Precautions:
  • Make  Metler – Toledo.
  • Weight taken should be more than 0.5g and less than 20g.
  • After drying as the pan and sample may still be hot, let these cool off before removing the pan from the sample holder.
  • The air bubble level of the indicator should be in the center or else is adjusted by the screws provided at the bottom of the balance.
  • Before starting the operation check for the area cleanliness and instrument cleanliness.
  • Operate the instrument
  • The Instrument is calibrated for following parameters
  • a) Balance Calibration
  • b) Moisture Content repeatability with five replicates
  • c) Temperature
  • Balance Calibration:
  • Press “MENU” key and select calibration mode by pressing “ / ” keys.
  • Press the <<Accept entry >> key (8 ) to start the balance calibration.
  • The display flashes “50.000” g requesting to place 50.000g standard weight on the weighing pan.
  • Place the 50.000g standard certified weight in the middle of the weighing pan. Instrument automatically calibrates itself and flashes 0.000 gm on display, indicating that the balance has been calibrated.
  • The instrument stores the determined weight value and the display prompts to lift off the standard weight from the weighing pan.
  • Remove the standard weight from the weighing pan and the displays “DONE”.
  • Display returns back to the main screen.
  • Now the balance is internally calibrated with external standard weight.
  • Verify the calibration by placing the 50.0 g weight again on the pan and record the reading.
  • The weight observed should fall with in the tolerance limit of 50.000 ± 0.01 g.
  • Moisture Content Repeatability Test:
  • Operate the instrument.
  • Add 2 g Chemical substance “Disodium tartrate dihydrate” by distributing as evenly as possible on the sample pan.
  • Press the temperature adjusting key. Set the temperature to 130.0°C by using the / keys.
  • Set the time key to “3”, the factory setting.
  • Close the heating module, the status displays which indicates the drying of the sample and the system will automatically start the drying and measuring process
  • Record the moisture content observed.
  • The test is carried out for five replicates and the RSD is calculated.
  • Temperature Calibration:
  • Temperature Calibration of the instrument is carried out by external agency at 100°C and 160°C using temperature adjustment set.
  • After usage of the instrument, maintain the record in the user logbook.
  • If the instrument does not meet the acceptance criteria, tag the instrument as “OUT OF CALIBRATION” and inform the service engineer and tag the instrument with “UNDER MAINTAINENCE”.
  • Acceptance Criteria:
Calibration Parameter Acceptance Criteria Frequency
Balance Calibration 50.000g  ± 0.01g Monthly and after any maintenance job
Moisture Content repeatability with five replicates. Moisture Content = 15.66 ± 0.5 %

RSD: NMT 0.3%

Monthly and after any maintenance job
Temperature Two point calibration done by external agency for 100°C ± 2°C and 160± 2°C Yearly and after any maintenance job
  • Forms and Records (Annexures)
  • Calibration format for Halogen Moisture Analyzer – Annexure-1
  • Distribution
  • Master copy –  Quality Assurance
  • Controlled copies- Quality Assurance, Production, Quality Control.engineering
  • History
    Date Revision Number Reason for Revision
    00 New SOP


Calibration format for Halogen Moisture Analyzer 

Make : Instrument No. :
Model : Calibration Date :
Reference SOP No. : Next due date :
Cleanliness of equipment / instrument before calibration:
Standard weight box ref.no:
S.No Check weight Standard Mass value Displayed wt. Limit Remarks
1 50.000 g ± 0.01 g

 Standard Di Sodium Tartrate used ( B. No. / Lot No._______________________ )

S.No Sample replicate number Observed Moisture content Results Limit Remarks
1 MEAN VALUE: 15.66 ± 0.5 %
RSD: NMT 0.3%
5 RSD:
Temperature Calibration (by external agency):                  
Temperature adjustment device ref.No  :
S.No Set Temperature Observed Temperature Limit Remarks
Instrument Temp.adjust.device
1 100°C 98 – 102°C
2 160°C 158 – 162°C

Calibrated by:                                   Checked by:                                                   Approved by:

Date:                                                   Date:                                                              Date  :    




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