Strip Packing Machine

Automatic Strip Packing Machine

The Strip Packing Machine is designed to pack tablets and capsules within two heat-sealable foil. The machine has been designed to use cellophane Film, Cellophane Lumithene, Aluminum Foil, Polythene Film Laminates, and all heat-sealing papers for sealing.

The Tablets / Capsules are charged into the hopper. Tablets / Capsules are automatically fed to a vibrating bowl. Individual Tablets pass vertically through the chute provided and are enclosed between pockets formed by two plies of film. These two films are heat-sealed when passed through the sealing roller. These rollers are provided with heaters.

The knife does the horizontal cutting of the strip and vertical cutting is done by the vertical cutter.

The major components of the equipment are identified by us:-

  • Feeding System
  • Sealing System
  • Batch Coding Unit
  • Cutting System

Feeding System:-Product is fed into the hopper from where it is guided into the Bowl mounted on a Vibrator. The product on the bowl is evenly distributed and guided through the Tracks on the Bowl into the Chute Channel and the feed rate of the product from the Bowl to the Chute channel is controlled by the vibrator. The Product from the chute is released onto the Sealing Roller by the Cam Operated Released Pin.

Sealing System: – The set of Sealing Rollers drawn the heat sealing Packing Material from two sets of front adjustment type of friction brake system Foil holding Assembly and Foil Running Tube. The Sealing Roller is heated to the required temperature by the Cartridge Heaters inserted into the individual Roller. Adequate pressure is applied onto the Sealing Rollers so that both the foil get sealed at the time of contact while passing through the Sealing Roller. At this stage, the product that is released onto the cavity of the Roller gets packed and sealed in the foil.

Batch Coding Unit:- The left-hand foil before being drawn by the Sealing Rollers passes through the Batch Coding Unit where the Batch No., Mfg. Dt., Exp. Dt. Etc is printed on the foil.

Cutting System:- The packed and sealed strip from the sealing roller passes through the Brush and Slitter Shaft which cuts the Strips vertically. These vertically cut strips then pass through the cam-operated Cutter assembly which cuts the Strip Horizontally into the desired Strip Length. The desired Strip Length can be achieved by using the appropriate Cutting Gear and Toe Cams.

The machine is equipped with a basic drive unit controlled by Servo Drive. Linear- Indexing servomotor is controlled by servo-drives. A freely Programmable Logic Controller, interfaced with a digital display unit (Man-Machine Interface), controls the multiple functions on the machine.

The PVC, PVDC, and ALU-ALU cold-forming film can be used as Forming / Base film, in which blister cavities are formed by compressed air and mechanical pressure.

Draw the forming film from the forming reel feed and pass between the Forming die & blow head through forming heating platen in case of thermo-formable material and forming tool in case of ALU-ALU cold forming foil (Change Part) through the dancing arm to the linear indexing station via forming, sealing Station, Perforation Station.

The movement of unwinding of the forming film draw motor is controlled by a proximity switch for the start of the unwinding and stop of the unwinding of the foil from the reel feed.

This blister-formed web moves over the web guide track and at this station, the products are fed into the blisters through individual feeding devices. The formed web along with the tablet or capsules moves to the sealing station, where it is fused to the aluminum foil, which has been drawn from an aluminum reel–feed station. That printed sealed web is transferred to a mechanically driven perforation station (If Applicable) through Linear Indexing. The punching tool punches out the specified pack, which is transferred to the out-feed conveyor.

The waste web is then transferred to the trim winding station passing over the dancing arm and guide rollers where the trim is wound on the trim-winding roller.

All the operational controls and sequences of the machine are arrayed by Man- Machine Interface (MMI) which is conveniently located in front of the machine and the rotary encoder, which determines the positional accuracy of the machine with the feedback.

All parametric changes can be done with controls through the Man-Machine- Interface, which has multiple levels of password protection.

Products to be packed on the machine are specifically pharmaceutical products such as Tablets and Capsules. Different types of products can be fed into the blister-formed cavities on the formed web over the web guide track at the feeding zone.

The output capacity of the machine depends upon the product characteristics like the size and shape of the products and on the type of feeding device.

Factory Acceptance Test Protocol Content

  • Purpose
  • Scope
  • Responsibilities
  • System description
  • Test and inspection
  • Trail report

PURPOSE: The Objective of this Factory acceptance test is to verify and inspect of Automatic Strip Packing Machine, by a representative of ____________ at the fabrication site of ____________________.

SCOPE: The Scope of this document is applicable to perform the factory acceptance test of the Automatic Strip Packing Machine at __________________________. before deliver to ________________________________.



To prepare and review the factory acceptance test documents.

To execute the FAT activity.


To review the factory acceptance test document.

Coordinate with the engineering department during FAT activity. 

Quality Assurance:

To review the factory acceptance test document.

Coordinate with the engineering department during FAT activity. 

Head Quality/Designee

To approve the factory acceptance test document.


Physical Check:

Method Description Acceptance Criteria
Outer Surface finish verification Check the Outer surface of the machine -Matt finish

-Curved corner

-No dent

-No visible spot of welding

AC/DC panel checking Visual check -Should be available

-Proper wiring

Document verification Verification of calibration certificate of RPM meter, Timer -Calibration certificate should be available
Document verification Verification of MOC certificate -MOC certificate should be available

Basic Component Verification :

Test Description Acceptance Criteria
Machine Dimensions 3870 (L) X 1182 (W) X 1965 (H) mm + 2% mm
G.A. Drawing Machine construction should meet with G.A. drawing.
Main switch (ON/OFF) ON/ OFF function –Qty.: 01 no.
Emergency switch (ON/OFF) Make Banner –Qty.: 1 No.
Hopper 40 + 1
Vibrator plate 1.25 + 0.025
Model Name
Serial Number
Wiring reference
Type of forming Flat, Intermittent
Base material reel feeds One Number
Reel change over Manual
Base Foil unwinding Pneumatically operated brake belt for reel feed and loop control by driven motor


Method of forming Mechanical compressive plug-assisted cold Forming, Compressed air Thermoforming. (For Thermo-formable material)
Type of feeding Automatic feeding system.

Product specific – Feeder can be changed.

Consists of a Product Hopper, Linear Vibrator, Rotary Vibrator, Bowl dish, Feeding track sector, and Vertical Feeding channel with Release pin mechanism.

Lidding material unwind With brake belt.
Type of sealing Flat, Intermittent.
Password protection There are levels of user authorization to Control the accessibility of parameters.
Jog mode/inch mode Inch/Jog mode for machine setting adjustments
Run Mode For Indication of ready Inputs.

For Indication of Safety interlocks.

For starting of main motor in smooth mode.

For building up of speed up to set speed.

Cyclic operation To define cyclic operation:


Base foil draw



Emergency Stopping the machine immediately.

For an indication of the tower lamp.

Print registration control (If Applicable) To detect and correct Eye mark position.
Sealing Heater temperature control For On-Off control for heater temperature control.

For Interlock with machine operation.

Control of individual motor for sub-drives In-feed motor control.

Conveyor motor control.

Vibrator controller.

Feeding control. To control the level of product in the Bowl dish

To control the vibrator.


Test Description

Acceptance Criteria

Test Method
The low temperature of the sealing heater Interlocked with Machine working in ‘RUN‘ mode Sealing temperature Low
The high temperature of the sealing heater Interlocked with Machine working in ‘RUN’ mode Sealing temperature high
Emergency switch Interlocked with Machine working in ‘RUN’ mode and Inch mode. 1. Emergency Pressed –Press Reset

2. Index servo error No. Press Reset

3. Main servo error No. Press Reset

Lid foil presence Interlocked with Machine working in ‘RUN‘ mode Lidding foil over
Base foil presence Interlocked with Machine working in ‘RUN‘ mode Base foil over



PLC make B&R Industrial Automation Visually

Via Tag

Serial number A1590180513 Visually

Via Tag

Model 4PP420.0571-75 Visually

Via Tag

Display Graphical Colour (TFT) Visually

Via Tag

Supply voltage 24 V DC Visually

Via Tag

Memory 64/128 MB DRAM Visually

Via Tag

MOC (Material of Construction)

Machine body cladding SS 304 Visually

Via Tag



Basic machine body SS 304 Visually

Via Tag



Hopper SS 316L Visually

Via Tag



Vibrator SS 316L Visually

Via Tag



Conveyor Belt Polyvinyl Chloride Visually

Via Tag



Feeding unit rubber roller Silicon Rubber Visually

Via Tag



Machine Front Cover Guard Polycarbonate Visually

Via Tag



Performed by: ____________Verified by:_____________________________


Machine Operational & Performance Verification (Trial- I):

Effect of machine speed:  

Sealing Temp. (°C) /Machine Speed (Cuts / Min.)/Vibrator Speed

Description –   Knurling Impression of Strips /Leak test failure % / Pocket integrity failure % /Batch Coding

Machine Operational & Performance Verification (Trial- II):

Effect of Sealing Temperature:  

Sealing Temp. (°C) /Machine Speed (Cuts / Min.)/Vibrator Speed

Description –   Knurling Impression of Strips /Leak test failure % / Pocket integrity failure % /Batch Coding

Machine Operational & Performance Verification (Trial- III):

Effect of Vibration:  

Sealing Temp. (°C) /Machine Speed (Cuts / Min.)/Vibrator Speed

Description –   Knurling Impression of Strips /Leak test failure % / Pocket integrity failure % /Batch Coding

Vendor Remark:                                            Client Remarks :

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