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SOP on Handling of Primary Standard

  • Objective:To lay down a procedure for the handling of Primary Standard.
  • Scope:This Standard Operating Procedure is applicable to Quality Control Department followed at Pharmaceutical Company name with location.
  • Responsibility:QC personnel shall be responsible to follow the procedure as per SOP.
  • Accountability:Department Head & QA Head shall be accountable for implementation of this SOP.
  • Abbreviations and Definitions:
  • SOP                             :            Standard Operating Procedure; a document where step by step instructions are cited to serve as support for methods or manners of fulfilling a function or functions reliably and consistently.
  • QC: Quality Control
  • COA :Certificate of Analysis
  • MSDS :Material Safety Data Sheet
  • Procedure:
  • Chemicals which shall be used in the calibration of instrument or in the standardization of volumetric solution shall be categorized as primary standards.
  • QC personnel shall keep MSDS and COA of each primary standard.
  • Separate out one container of the each reagents / chemicals which are to be used as primary standard.
  • Take these containers in a separate cup-board labeled as Primary Standard.
  • Maintain the date of opening on primary standard at the time of opening for use and also mention use before date on the label.
  • Assign Identification number for primary standards follows:PS/XX/YY


PS      :  Stand for Primary Standard

XX      :  Stand for serial number

YY      :  Stand for serial Year

  • All opened primary standard shall be used within 2 years from the date of opening or up to expiry date (if mentioned), which ever is earlier.
  • If pharmacopeial reference standards are being used for instrument calibration then these reference standards shall be handled as per SOP.
  • All primary standards shall be kept in tight containers at the room temperature, unless any other storage condition is specified on the label.
  • Never add remaining quantity of the transferred material back into stock bottles.
  • Maintain the list of primary standard as per Annexure – I and consumption record of primary standard as per Annexure – II .
  • Forms and Records (Annexures)
  • List of Primary Standard – Annexure – I
  • Consumption record of Primary Standard – Annnexure – II
  • Distribution
    • Master copy  –  Quality Assurance
    • Controlled copies –  Quality Assurance, Quality Control
  • History
Date Revision Number
     Reason for Revision
 12/04/05 00 New SOP

                                                             Annexure – I

                                              List of Primary Standard 

Sr. No. Identification Number Name of Chemical / Reagent To be used for

                                                            Annnexure – II

                                      Consumption record of Primary Standard 

Name of Primary Standard:                                                                             Primary Standard ID. No.:                         

Batch No. / Lot No.:                                                                                          Make:                                                                             

Gross Weight / Total Volume:                                                                         Date of opening:                 

Sr. No. Date Opening Quantity Quantity Used Balance Quantity Used For Used By Checked By Remarks




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