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SOP on Decontamination and Disposal of Used Media

  • SOP on Decontamination and Disposal of Used Media
  • Objective

To lay down the procedure for Decontamination and Disposal of Used Media


This SOP is applicable for Decontamination and Disposal of Used Media. (Pharmaceutical Company Name).

  • Responsibility
    • Microbiologist or above of Microbiology Laboratory.
    • Head – Microbiology section / Nominee.
  • Accountability
    • Head – Quality Control. / Nominee.
  • Abbreviations and Definitions

SOP         : Standard operating procedure

No.            : Number

QC            : Quality Control

QA            : Quality Assurance

  • Procedure
    • Wear nose mask and disposable hand gloves during scrapping and decontamination activity of used media.
    • For Solidified Media(Media Used for Settle plates exposure, Surface Monitoring

test plates, Microbial limit test plates, Growth promotion test media, Sub-culture slants  etc.):

  • Segregate and arrange the plates showing growth of colonies into biohazard bag.
  • Scrap out the media from the plates having no growth with the help of spatula into another biohazard bag.
  • Place the bags in the Vertical autoclave.
  • For Liquefied Media: (Sterility Tubes/canisters, Positive Control tubes, culture tubes

product enrichment tubes etc.)

  • Place all the test tubes in the test tube stand and arrange them in the Vertical autoclave.
  • Place the Disposable media plates/strips/media kits, used cotton plugs, gloves used

for handling of microbial cultures, lyophilized culture glass pieces, sterility test vent

filters & tubing etc in a biohazard bag and load in the vertical autoclave.

  • Keep one or two deodorizing pearls (if available) in the decontamination load to prevent putrefied smell of the used media.
  • Operate the vertical autoclave as per SOP No
  • After sterilization, collect the media contained in tubes/ bottles and other decontaminated material into biohazard bag.
  • Add 50mL of 20% Virosil solution or 2.5% Savlon to the bag containing decontaminated media and shake the bag for proper dispersion of the added disinfectant solution.
  • Discard the contents of the bag into the washbasin/sink.
  • Open the tap and allow the water to flow while discarding the contents.

 Forms and Records (Annexures)

    • Not applicable
  • Distribution
    • Master copy        –       Quality Assurance
    • Controlled copies –       Quality Assurance, Production, Quality Control, Stores, Engineering   and Human Resource
  • History:
Date Revision Number
Reason for Revision
00   NEW SOP


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