SOP for cleaning of garment washing machine.

  • Objective:
  • To lay down the procedure for cleaning of garments washing machine.
  • Scope
  •  This SOP is applicable for cleaning of garments washing machine.
  • Responsibility
  • Production operator / technician – responsible for cleaning of garment washing
  • Production officer / Executive – to ensure that cleaning of garment washing machine is carried out as per SOP.
  • Accountability
  • Production Head shall be accountable for the compliance of SOP.
  • Abbreviations
  • SOP : Standard Operating Procedure.
  • Procedure
  • The cleaning is done after the day’s work is over or whenever necessary.
  • Clean the outer surface of machine by wiping with lint free cloth dipped in purified water.
  •  Cleaning of detergent dispenser
  • Remove the detergent dispenser from the top of machine by pressing on the area    marked on siphon.
  • Clean the detergent residues.
  • Wash the detergent dispenser with purified water.
  • Clean the dispenser housing before inserting the dispenser to its place.
  • Cleaning of siphon
  • Clean the siphon (coloured piece in the dispenser) after every 30-40 washing cycles with purified water.
  • Pull out the siphon by holding its edges.
  • To prevent clogging, the softner residues thoroughly.
  • After cleaning and before any operation make sure that the siphon fits into its place properly.
  • Cleaning of water intake filter
  • Filters should be cleaned after every 30-40 washing cycles with purified water.
  • To clean the filter, first turn off the tap.
  • Disconnect the hose and clean the filter with thin brush.
  • If the filter is very dirty, then filter should be clean by pulling out with pliers.
  • To clean the filter at the tap side of the hose, pull it out by hand and clean the filter under the tap with purified water.
  • Cleaning of the drum
  • Clean the drum with purified water by soft cloth.
  • Do not clean the drum with scratching elements.
  • Cleaning of the pump filter
  • Remove the plug from switch board.
  • Open the filter cover by pushing on the marked area.
  • Before taking out the filter, drain the water by means of pump drain hose.
  • Take out the pump drain hose from its place.
  • Take a proper holder to drain the water inside and then open the pump drain hose plug.
  • When all water is discharged, insert the plug into the pump hose again and replace the pump drain hose its place.
  • Open the filter while turning it anti-clockwise
  • Drain the left water on to the filter cover. If there are any residual parts inside the filter, take them out and clean the filter with purified water before replacing it.
  • Place the filter while turning it clockwise.
  • Close the filter cover by pushing on the marked area again.
  • Record the details of cleaning operation in the operation and cleaning record as per SOP and get it checked by concerned Supervisor / Officer.
  • Forms and Records (Annexures)
  • Not Applicable
  • Distribution
  • Master copy –  Quality Assurance
  • Controlled copies- Quality Assurance, Production, Quality Control
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