SOP on cleaning of shrink wrapping machine

SOP on cleaning of shrink wrapping machine

  • Objective:
  • To lay down a procedure for cleaning of shrink wrapping machine.
  • Scope
  • This SOP is applicable for cleaning of shrink wrapping machine in production area.
  • Responsibility
  • Production operator / technician – responsible for cleaning of machine.
  • Production officer / Executive – to ensure that cleaning of the machine is carried out as per SOP.
  • Accountability
  • Production Head shall be accountable for the compliance of SOP.
  • Abbreviations
  • SOP : Standard Operating Procedure.
  • Procedure
  • Cleaning of shrink wrapping machine is to be done, when day’s production work is over, at the batch change over or whenever required.
  • Remove the shrink film roll from the film roll holder of the machine
  • Remove the shrink film pieces if any, observed from the sealing platform.
  • Destroy & dispose off the collected shrink film pieces as per SOP.
  • Clean the film roll holder, package platform, sealing platform & tunnel conveyer with the help of compressed air & check that there is no dirt & dust on the machine.
  • Clean the machine outer surface and their parts – L sealer bar, package platform, sealing platform, film roll holder, sealing pad, magnet, trolley lags, shrink tunnel & tunnel conveyer with the help of dry lint free wipe.
  • Clean any plastic residue from the sealing wire by using copper brush immediately after the sealing wire heated, by pressing “CLEAN” function key.
  • Wait till the machine cool down & clean the loose residue by using lint free cloth.
  • Clean the machine with lint free cloth soaked in purified water & after that wipe with lint free dry cloth to remove any remnant moisture.
  • Operator wear protective gloves for safety purposes during the cleaning process of the machine.
  • Cleaning is to be done in presence of production officer.
  • Record the details of operation, cleaning and preventive maintenance of the shrink wrapping machine in equipment logbook as per SOP. .Get the details checked by the Production officer/supervisor.
  • Forms and Records (Annexures)
  • Not Applicable
  • Distribution
  • Master copy –  Quality Assurance
  • Controlled copies- Quality Assurance, Production, Quality Control
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