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Sanitization of Purified Water Generation and Distribution System

  • Objective:To lay down a procedure for Sanitization of Purified Water Generation and Distribution system.
  • Scope:This Standard Operating Procedure is applicable to the formulation plant.
  • Make/Capacity and EQ. ID. No. are as follows:-
  • Sr. No.                         Make                           Capacity                      EQ. ID. No.
  • 1.0                            __________                 2.5m3/ hr.                   _______________
  • Responsibility
    • The Concerned Technician shall follow the Sanitization Procedure as per this SOP.
    • The Officer/Executive-Engineering shall be responsible for implementation of the procedure as per this SOP.
    • Head-Engineering/Designee shall ensure the compliance of the procedure as per this SOP.
    • Abbreviations and Definitions
    • RO    :           Reverse Osmosis
    • MCB  :           Miniature Circuit Board
    • MCF  :           Micron Cartridge Filter
    • EDI    :           Electro De-Ionization
    • MMI   :           Man Machine Interface
    • EHE   :           Electric Heater
    • NMT  :           Not More Than
    • SOP   :           Standard Operating Procedure
    • Procedure
    • Sanitization of Purified Water Generation System
    • RO membranes are sanitized by using RO permeate which filtered through MCF .The water in tank  is heated by means of electrical heater which is installed inside the tank.
    • Sanitization procedure is as follows:
    • Make sure that the main supply to panel is coming properly and turn “ON” all MCB switches.
    • For RO sanitization open pump suction valve and Discharge valve and all other valves are closed.
    • For EDI sanitization open the pump suction valve  and discharge valve.
    • Start the pump  and circulate warm water (NMT 45°C) with a maximum pump discharge of 2.5 kg/cm2.
    • Start the heater EHE. Set temperature as 85oC and temperature rises at NMT 4°C per minute.
    • Continue the circulation till the temperature reaches up to maximum 85°C.
    • When temperature  reaches 80°C switch “OFF” the heater EHE-001. Don’t stop circulation.
    • Maintain temperature for 60-90 minutes.
    • After completion of sanitization allow system to cool to 45°C or below.
    • Flush the system with water of maximum feed pressure of 2.5 kg/cm2.
    • Frequency: minimum twice a month.
    • Monitor and Record all the observations in log sheet (Annexure-1).
    • Sanitization Procedure For Distribution System
    • Switch “ON” the main power supply to the panel by means of starter switch at side of control panel.
    • Turn “ON” the MCB inside the control panel for powering the PLC and MMI.
    • Press the ‘ENTER’ button on the MMI to start the system.
    • Make sure the utilities (i.e. compressed air and steam) are available to the system at required pressure and temperature respectively.
    • Make sure all the pump suction and discharge valves are kept open.
    • Make sure the MCB for the pumps are turned “ON” inside the control panel.
    • Put the system in ‘AUTO’ mode with the help of selector switch (AUTO /OFF/ MANUAL) on the panel door.
    • Drain the water in 2 KL storage tank till the water level reaches 750ltrs for sanitization by opening the drain valve or feed the water to reach 750 ltrs if the water level is low.
    • Press the SET button on the main screen to go to SET parameters for sanitization of distribution system.
    • Enter the time for sanitization say 60 mins.
    • Enter the temperature for sanitization as 85º C at which the system is to be sanitized.
    • To put the system in sanitization mode turn “ON” the sanitization selector switch.
    • Ensure that all the drain / sampling valves are in closed condition.
    • The tank steam inlet valve will open and close depending on the temperature of the water for a pre settable time. As soon as the temperature of water in return line reaches  reaches above the specified value then actuated valve  turns OFF.
    • During sanitization, all the valves and pumps except will be operational with the help of Selector switches and push buttons on the main door.
    • After completion of sanitization cycle, turn “OFF” the sanitization selector switch.
    • Empty the Distribution system by opening the drain valves. Also open up all the sampling valves while draining off the system.
    • Let the tank be as it is for atmospheric cooling for 15-20 mins.
    • Fill in fresh water in the tank and recalculate for 30 mins.
    • Again drain the whole system and fill fresh UF water.
    • The distribution system is now ready for operation.
    • Forms and Records
    • Record of Sanitization of Purified Water System : Annexure-1.
    • Distribution
    • Master Copy :Documentation Cell (QA)
    • Controlled Copies : Engineering, Production, Quality Assurance, Stores,Quality Control.
    • History
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