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Sanitization & Cleaning SOP ( RO )

  • Chemical Sanitization Procedure for RO first Pass
  • Objective : To Disinfectant the Bacteria in RO membrane
  • Scope :-
  • Procedure :
  • Prepare (0.1 – 1) % Minncare Solution in any solution preparation tank having the capacity of 300 Ltr      { Use  300ml of 100% Minncare in 300 Ltrs of Purified Water at Ambient Temp}
  • Connect the Inlet line of the above Solution Preparation tank with RO Feed Pump with suitable size Flexible Hose Pipe Connection. Outlet of the RO Feed  Pump should be connected to RO Feed Line.
  • Open the Inlet & Outlet Valves of RO Feed Pump
  • Initially Open all Drain side Valve to Drain{RO reject , RO permeate valve }
  • Start RO Feed Pump & Ensure that sanitizing chemical is   pumping   to  RO System.
  • Allow the sanitizing  chemical to  come out from all sampling valves , reject & permeate dumping valves etc.
  • Allow this drain till the solution preparation tank level reaches about  65 %.
  • Close All Sampling Valves  One By One & Divert all remaining drain flows to solution preparation tank.
  • Run the ROFP with Sanitizing Chemical for 30 – 45 min in recirculation.
  • After 30 – 45 min of operation , Stop the ROFP and allow the system to be Soaked in  the Minncare Solution for 30 min.( Note:-Duration can eb more if the bioload in the system is high)
  • Start the ROFP again and keep it under recirculation for a further 30 min.
  • Now drain the solution completely
  • Rinse the System with Fresh Purified Water till Sanitization Chemical Level reaches  0  ppm.


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  • Cleaning & Sanitization Procedure before Membrane Loading
  • Objective : The objective is to clean and sanitize before start of the plant and loading of RO membrane to remove any microbial load or any bio film present in the existing interconnecting piping and the RO Housing and Pumps.
  • Scope :-
  • Procedure :
  • The sanitization has to be carried by soaking and flushing the system with 80 – 100 ppm of free chlorinated water.
  • The system will be sanitized from the RO Feed Pump to inlet of EDI inlet pipe.
  • The 80 – 100 ppm of free chlorine solution will be prepared in the tank.
  • The 30 ltrs. sodium hypochlorite solution having 5 % conc. is been added in the 500 Ltrs. tank. and circulate it for 60 mins.
  • Add the solution in stages of 10 ltrs each for proper mixing of the sodium hypo chlorite solution within the tank.
  • After Recirculation allow the water to soak in RO System for 60 mins.
  • Disconnect the pipe at the inlet of EDI so as not to allow the chlorinated water enter EDI.
  • After 15 – 20 mins start the RO Feed pump and flush the chlorinated water through the RO – EDI system.  Open all the dumping and sampling valve one after the other . Flush through all the points for 5 mins.
  • After Flushing is completed fill the entire pipe line from UF Water Transfer pump to inlet of  EDI with chlorinated water under 1.0 kg/cm2.
  • Allow the system to soak for minimum 10   Flush the system such that no chlorine solution is present and water is free from chlorine.
  • ( Note :  Clean the RO housing with a clean cloth before loading of RO membrane )
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  • Hot Water Sanitization Procedure of RO 2nd  Pass
  • Objective : To Disinfectant the Bacteria in RO membrane
    Scope :-
  • Procedure :
  • The complete CIP system is filled with  UF Treated water.  The water temperature is raised above with help of electrical immerson heater provided.
  • Connect Outlet of the CIP Feed  Pump with suitable size Flexible Hose Pipe Connection to 2nd Pass RO Feed Line. & Connect the EDI Permeate with suitable size Flexible Hose Pipe Connection to Return Line of CIP Tank
  • The temperature is raised upto 85deg cent. And maintained at the temperature for 60 mins.
  • Drain the water via (Sampling valves, Dump Valves) and flush the system twice with fresh water.
  • { Ensure that Suction & Discharge Valves of CIP Feed Pump should be open}


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