• OBJECTIVE                                              
  • To lay down a procedure for the Maintenance of the Screw Chiller
  • This SOP is applicable to Screw Chillers.
  • RESPONSIBILITY            
  • Technical Supervisor / Engineer
  • ACCOUNTABILITY                    
  • Sr.Executive / Manager
  • Daily Maintenance 
  • Check and ensure oil level as per the mark given on the view glass on oil separator.
  • Check and ensure the Refrigerant level in the system within limits.(mark given on view glass)
  • Check and ensure loading and unloading of chiller w.r.t. Set temperature of 41º F-46º F
  • Check and ensure flow of oil in oil separator through view class.
  • Check for any abnormal sound.
  • Clean the total system externally with Cora cloth.
  • Check and ensure all parameters given in logbook are with in limits.
  • Check and ensure no oil leakage from Mechanical seal.
  • Put a Tick mark (Ö) in Daily Check Sheet after completion of each activity. If it is not O.K put a cross (X) in Daily Check Sheet indicating the reason in remarks column.
  • Immediately inform to the concern superior if it is not O.K (X) and take necessary corrective action as per the advice.
  • Any such deviations should be maintained in the Machine History Cord along with necessary corrective action and its compliance there of.
  • Weekly Maintenance         
  • Check for any refrigerant leaks in the total system with soap solution.
  • Check for proper earthing of motor.
  • Check for all solenoid valves operation.
  • Check and ensure for all HP & LP cut outs & pressure /flow switches working condition..
  • Put a Tick mark (Ö) in Weekly Check Sheet.
  • Monthly Maintenance                   
  • Check the function of oil heater by putting hand on side view glass of oil seperator.
  • Check the oil in the thermo well if the level is reduced to minimum level.
  • Clean the MPCC with dry cloth and tighten the all terminals.
  • Check and ensure the stabilizer out put is 24 volts D.C
  • Clean the control panel with air blower
  • Put a Tick mark (Ö) in Monthly Check Sheet and repeat the steps as per 5.1.9, 5.1.10 & 5.1.11.
  • Quarterly Maintenance
  • Tighten the motor base bolts.
  • Check the operation condition  of all interlocks.
  • Check and ensure vibration & noise level of the system with in limits.
  • Put a Tick mark (Ö) in Quarterly Check Sheet.
  • Half Yearly Maintenance
  • Regrease the motor bearings.
  • Conduct a chemical analysis for oil.
  • Change the duplex filter element, if cooler pressure drop is more than 30% of the oil pressure.
  • Change the filter dryer in oil return system.
  • Put a Tick mark (Ö) in Half Yearly Check Sheet.
  • Yearly Maintenance
  • Conduct the megger test on motor.
  • Conduct the pressure test to the system.
  • Check the programme of microprocessor and operation of all relevant control inputs &outputs.
  • Conduct the evacuation & dehydration.
  • Change the oil in the circuit with new oil, if necessary.
  • Descale the condenser.
  • Overhaul the motor
  • Tighten the coupling.
  • Calibrate the Temperature and pressure gauge.
  • Put a Tick mark (Ö) in Yearly Check Sheet.


  • Forms and Records (Annexures)
  • Not Applicable
  • Distribution
  • Master copy –  Quality Assurance
  • Controlled copies- Quality Assurance, Production, Quality Control
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