• OBJECTIVE           
  • To lay down a procedure for Maintenance of Finished Goods Stores Air Conditioning system
  • This SOP is applicable to Finished Goods Stores Air Conditioning System, Model: ACU20B, Capacity: 18 Ton of Refrigeration.
  • Technical Supervisor / Engineer       
  • Sr.Executive / Manager                    
  • Daily Maintenance
  • Check and ensure that the difference between inlet and outlet temperature of chilled water is with in the limit (4º – 8º C).
  • Check and ensure no unusual sound from the system.
  • Ensure no water accumulation in the system.
  • Check and ensure snap and smooth operation of all controls
  • Put a Tick mark (Ö) in Daily Check Sheet after completion of each activity. If it is not O.K put a cross (X) in Daily Check Sheet indicating the reason in remarks column.
  • Immediately inform to the concern superior if it is not O.K (X) and take necessary corrective action as per the advice.
  • Any such deviations should be maintained in the Machine History Cord along with necessary corrective action and its compliance there of.
  • Weekly Maintenance
  • Ensure no gas leakages from the gauge connections, valves and pipe joints with soap solution.
  • Ensure no ice formation on suction line of compressor.
  • Clean the system with Cora cloth (Free from dust, grease, oil and foreign material).
  • Ensure no loose wires in panel.
  • Ensure all indicating lamps are glowing,
  • Ensure all the door locking are working.
  • Put a Tick mark (Ö) in Weekly Check Sheet and repeat the steps as per 5.1.5, 5.1.6 & 5.1.7.
  • Monthly Maintenance
  • Ensure Functioning of High Pressure (260 psig)/ Low pressure (45 psig) cut outs.
  • Tighten the all fasteners..
  • Tighten all the control connections / terminations.
  • Open the Motor terminal covers and tighten the terminals , replace terminal strips if terminals are broken.
  • Put a Tick mark (Ö ) in Monthly Check Sheet and repeat the steps as per 5.1.5, 5.1.6 & 5.1.7.
  • Half Yearly Maintenance
  • Clean the outer surface of the cooling coil with cleaning chemical (shiny side or van clean).
  • Clean the contractor with CTC / CRC.
  • Ensure the over load relay function by putting different settings
  • Tighten all the power terminations.
  • Put a Tick mark (Ö ) in Half Yearly Check Sheet  and repeat the steps as per 5.1.5, 5.1.6 & 5.1.7.
  • Yearly Maintenance
  • Check the gas in the system, top up if it is less.
  • Ensure the control panel wiring should be proper.
  • Ensure panel earthing is good.
  • Overhaul the motor .
  • Put a Tick mark (Ö) in Yearly Check Sheet and repeat the steps as per 5.1.5, 5.1.6 & 5.1.7.
  • Forms and Records (Annexures)
  • Not Applicable
  • Distribution
  • Master copy –  Quality Assurance
  • Controlled copies- Quality Assurance, Production, Quality Control
  • History
    Date Revision Number Reason for Revision
    00 New SOP

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