• OBJECTIVE                                  
  •  To lay down a procedure for Maintenance of Condenser water Pumps/ Chilled Water Pumps
  • SCOPE 
  • This SOP is applicable to A/C plant Condenser/Chilled Water Pumps.
  •  Technical Supervisor / Engineer                   
  •  Sr.Executive / Manager                                
  • Daily Maintenance
  • Clean the motor, pump, pipelines etc. externally with Cora cloth.
  • Check any abnormal sound and overheating from motor.
  • Check for free rotation of shaft by hand.
  • Check and ensure valves must be closed when pump in not running.
  • Check for any water leakage from seal/gland
  • Check and ensure the motor load current with in limit.(below 52 Amps for chilled water pumps and below 38 amps for condenser water pumps.)
  • Check and ensure inlet and outlet pressures with in limit.
  • Put a Tick mark (Ö) in Daily Check Sheet completion of each activity. If it is not O.K put a cross (X) in Daily Check Sheet indicating the reason in remarks column.
  • Immediately inform to the concern superior if it is not O.K (X) and take necessary corrective action as per the advice.
  • Any such deviations should be maintained in the Machine History Cord along with necessary corrective action and its compliance there of.
  • Monthly Maintenance  
  •  Check the condition of coupling rubber bushes, replace it if found any damage.
  •  Tighten the coupling bolts.
  • Re grease the pump bearings.
  • Check & ensure the overload relay working condition by setting set point in lower position as compare with actual load.
  • Clean the control panel with air blower.
  • Put a Tick mark (Ö) in Monthly
  • Quarterly Maintenance
  • Tighten the motor & pump base bolts.
  • Check for coupling alignment.
  • Check the motor terminals covers and tighten the terminals, replace terminals strip if terminals are broken.
  • Clean the contactors with CTC / CRC.
  • Put a Tick mark (Ö) in Quarterly Check Sheet.
  •      Half Yearly Maintenance
  • Check the non return valve functioning.
  • Check the condition of the mechanical seal/gland, replace it if found any damage.
  •  Check for lantern ring condition, replace if it is damaged or worn out
  • Check distance ring condition and replace if it is worn out
  •  Put a Tick mark (Ö) in Half Yearly Check Sheet..
  • Yearly Maintenance
  • Check the bearing condition with bearing analyzer, replace the bearing if found clearance more than 0.1mm.
  • Check the IR value of motor and cable with load manager
  • Check the condition of the shaft wear & tear.
  • Check for impeller condition and observe the rotation by rotating manually with hand, which should be balance equally while rotation.
  • Calibrate the pressure gauges .of Inlet & outlet.
  • Put a Tick mark (Ö) in Yearly Check Sheet.
  • Forms and Records 
  • NA
  • Distribution
  • Master copy –  Quality Assurance
  • Controlled copies- Quality Assurance, Production, Quality Control
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