S. No.SOP Title
1.Preventive Maintenance
2.Breakdown Maintenance Procedure of the Equipment and Machines
3.Colour Coding of Utility Lines
4.Procedure for Building Maintenance
5.Calibration of Equipment and Instrument from External Authorized Body / Suppliers
6.Operating procedure of Vacuum Circuit Breakers and Transformers
7.Changeover from D.G. Set to H.P.S.E.B. and H.P.S.E.B. to D.G. Set
8.Operating Procedure for DG Set
9.Operation of Cooling Tower
10.Operation of Chiller
11.Operation of Air Compressor and Dryer
12.Operating procedure for Multigrade Filter
13.Operating procedure for Softener
14.Procedure for Regeneration of Softener
15.Operating procedure of Boiler
16.Procedure for H.S.D. Loading in Day Tank
17.Procedure for F.O. Loading in Day Tank
18.Operating Procedure for H.S.D. Unloading in Storage Tanks
19. Procedure for F.O. Unloading in Storage Tanks
20.Procedure for Recording of Energy meters reading
21.Operating Procedure for Air Handling Units, Global Exhaust  and Global Supply and Ventilations Units
22.Operating Procedure of Dehumidifier
23.Operating procedure for purified water Generation System
24.Operation of purified water Distribution system
25.Sanitization of purified water generation and distribution system
26.Cleaning and Sanitization of Underground Water Tank
27.Cleaning and Sanitization of Treated Water Tank
28.Cleaning and Sanitization of Soft Water Tank
29.Cleaning of Cooling Tower
30.Cleaning of Boiler
31.Cleaning of Air Handling Unit and Dehumidifier Filter
32.Preventive maintenance of Pumps
33.Preventive Maintenance of Transformer
34.Preventive maintenance of Vacuum Circuit Breaker
35.Preventive maintenance of Air compressor
36.Preventive Maintenance of Chiller
37.Preventive Maintenance of Cooling Tower
38.Preventive maintenance of Electrical Panels
39.Preventive maintenance of Air Handling Unit
40.Preventive Maintenance of Global Exhaust, Global Supply and Ventilation Unit
41.Preventive maintenance of Dehumidifier
42.Preventive Maintenance of UPS
43.Preventive maintenance of Decontamination system
44.Preventive maintenance of Open Fronted Containment Facility
45.Preventive Maintenance of Dust Extraction System
46.Preventive Maintenance of Purified water (Generation and Distribution) System
47.Room Numbering  System
48.Operating procedure for DG Set 1000 KVA
49.Operating procedure for DG Set 1500 KVA
50.De chlorination in raw water and checking of free chlorine
51.Chlorination in raw water and checking of free chlorine
52.Preparation and dosing of pH correction purified generation plant
53.Preparation and dosing of anti-scalent purified water
54.Filter replacement procedure and schedule of the compressed airline.
55.Preventive Maintenance of Sifter cum multimill
56.Preventive Maintenance of Starch Kettle
57.Preventive Maintenance of Stationary Hydraulic Lift
58.Preventive Maintenance of Fluid Bed Dryer cum Processor
59.Preventive Maintenance of Lifting and Tippering Device
60.Preventive maintenance of Rapid Mixer Granulator
61.Preventive Maintenance of Vibrosifter
62.Preventive Maintenance of Roll Compactor
63.Preventive Maintenance of Multi Mill
64.Preventive Maintenance Comminuting Mill
65.Preventive maintenance of tube filling & sealing machine
66.Preventive Maintenance of Conta Blender
67.Preventive maintenance of induction sealing machine
68.Preventive Maintenance of Metal detector
69.Preventive Maintenance of Compression Machine Double Rotary 37 Station
70.Preventive Maintenance of Compression Machine Double Rotary 45 Station
71.Preventive Maintenance of Compression Machine Double Rotary 37 Station (Falcon)
72.Preventive Maintenance of Compression Machine Press Coat
73.Preventive Maintenance of Compression Machine Double Rotary 32 Station
74.Preventive Maintenance of Tablet Dedusting Machine
75.Preventive Maintenance of Tablet Inspection Belt
76.Preventive Maintenance of Auto Coating Machine
77.Preventive Maintenance of Tray Dryer
78.Preventive Maintenance of Colloid Mill
79.Preventive Maintenance of Conventional Coating Pan 36”/48”
80.Preventive Maintenance of  Capsule filling machine
81.Preventive maintenance of Ball mill
82.Preventive maintenance of homonizer
83.Preventive Maintenance of Blister Packing Machine (BQS)
84.Preventive Maintenance of Cartonator Hicart 220 machine
85.Preventive Maintenance of VP120
86.Preventive Maintenance of Blister Packing Machine 250 PDA
87.Preventive Maintenance of Strip Packing Machine
88.Preventive maintenance of Bulk Pack machine
89.Preventive Maintenance of Automatic Sticker labeling machine
90.Preventive Maintenance of  Blister Packing Machine
91.Preventive maintenance of Ointment manufacturing tank
92.Preventive maintenance of inkjet printer
93.Preventive maintenance of Tablet capsule printing machine
94.Preventive Maintenance of Mechanical Stirrer
95.Preventive Maintenance of Packing Conveyer Belt
96.Preventive Maintenance of BOPP Taper Machine
97.Preventive Maintenance of Strip Defoiler Machine
98.Preventive Maintenance of Deblistering Machine
99.Preventive Maintenance of Check Weigher
100.Preventive Maintenance of Tablet Elevator
101.Preventive Maintenance of AFT Lab Automatic Capsule Filling M/c
102.Preventive maintenance of centrifugal Machine
103.Preventive maintenance of Starch kettle
104.Preventive maintenance of fluid bed dryer cum processor
105.Preventive maintenance of rapid mixer granulator
106.Preventive maintenance of Auto coating machine (Neocota)
107.Preventive maintenance of I.R. Dryer
108.Preventive maintenance of Vibro shifter
109.Preventive maintenance of Sifter cum multi mill
110.Preventive maintenance of tablet de-dusting machine
111.Preventive maintenance of Tablet compression Machine (CPC-20)
112.Preventive maintenance of pneumatic conveying system
113.Preventive maintenance of Conta blender
114.Preventive maintenance of Metal Detector
115.Preventive maintenance of tablet inspection belt
116.Preventive maintenance of Colloid Mill
117.Preventive maintenance of compression machine single rotary 16 station
118.Preventive maintenance of mechanical stirrer
119.Preventive maintenance of capsule printing machine
120.Preventive Maintenance of Gelatin Melting Reactor
121.Preventive Maintenance of Gelatin Storage Vessel
122.Preventive Maintenance of Raw Gelatin Storage Vessel
123.Preventive Maintenance of Medicament Preparation Vessel
124.Preventive Maintenance of Homogenizer Mixing Unit
125.Preventive Maintenance of Colloid Mill
126.Preventive Maintenance of Medicament Preparation Mixing Unit
127.Preventive maintenance of medicament mixing unit
128.Preventive maintenance of gelatin Colour Mixer
129.Preventive Maintenance of  Blister Packing machine (Hoonga)
130.Preventive maintenance of Bochang Encapsulation M/C
131.Preventive maintenance of IR Dryer
132.Preventive maintenance of capsule printing machine
133.Preventive maintenance OF Capsule/Tablet sorter
134.Preventive maintenance of pressure vessel
135.Preventive maintenance of Vibrosifter
136.Preventive maintenance of SS jacketed vessel
137.Preventive Maintenance of checkweigher
138.Preventive maintenance of inkjet printer
139.Preventive maintenance of packing conveyer belt
140.Preventive maintenance of Ointment preparation Vessel
141.Preventive maintenance of Arbes Encapsulation M/C
142.Preventive maintenance of membrane filter assembly
143.Preventive maintenance of inspection Table
144.Preventive maintenance of leak test apparatus
145.Preventive maintenance of Milliq System
146.Preventive maintenance of 1200 litre Sugar Mfg. Tank
147.Preventive maintenance of 2000 Litre Mfg. Tank and storage tankk
148.Preventive maintenance of Rotary Rinsing Machine
149.Preventive maintenance of Volumetric filling cum Sealing machine
150.Preventive maintenance of Inspection Table
151.Preventive maintenance of packing conveyer belt
152.Preventive maintenance of Colloid Mill
153.Preventive maintenance of Lifting table
154.Preventive maintenance of Turn Table
155.Preventive maintenance of Measuring cup placing and pressing M/C
156.Preventive maintenance of ROPP cap elevator
157.Preventive maintenance of dry heat sterilizer
158.Preventive maintenance of Shrink wrap M/C
159.Preventive maintenance of BOPP taper machine
160.Preventive maintenance of vacuum cleaner
161.Preventive maintenance of Single Head Screw Capping Machine


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