Installation, Operational and Performance qualification of Equipment/Instrument.

  • OBJECTIVE :To lay down the procedure for Installation, Operation and Performance qualification of Equipment/Instrument.
  • Validation team comprising of representatives from functional department,Engineering department and Quality Assurance department.
  • Head – QA, Head – Engineering and Head of the concerned department to ensure compliance.
  • Any equipment or instrument purchased shall undergo installation and operational qualification based on its application.
  • The validation team shall prepare the protocol for installation and operational qualification of the Instrument/Equipment with the guidance of the functional department head.
  • The validation team shall prepare the protocol for performance qualification of process utilities whenever required and process equipments in Production.
  • The head of the functional department shall arrange all the relevant information/documentation pertaining to each Instrument/Equipment from the manufacturer to support the validation document.
  • The protocol for Installation Qualification and Operational  Qualification  shall be  as  per  the  general  guidelines  given   in  annexure -1  and  annexure -2 respectively. The protocol  for  performance  qualification  will be specific for the  system/ equipment  to  be  validated  as  per  general  guidelines given in Annexure -3.
  • Each protocol shall be identified with a number
  • Generally Protocols shall be approved by Heads of QA, user department, and Engineering department or by their designee.
  • The performer of the job shall sign with date the report after completion of each operation in checked by column.
  • All the operations shall be verified by second person and sign with date in the verified by column.
  • All the validation reports shall be certified by Heads of QA, User Department and Engineering department or by their designee.
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  • The Validation protocol along with reports shall be kept in documentation cell
  • Forms and Records (Annexures)
  • Distribution
    • Master copy –  Quality Assurance
    • Controlled copies- Quality Assurance, Production, Quality Control,Engineering & Warehouse
  • History
Date Revision Number
Reason for Revision

Annexure -I


  • A typical equipment protocol for Installation Qualification shall be under various heads as described below.
  • Objective :
  • This section gives a brief overview of the objectives and procedures to be used for the Installation Qualification
  • Equipment Description & Identification
  • This section gives a brief description of the instrument/equipment. The details related to the identification of the instrument/equipment are also provided
  • Equipment Masterfile
  • Drawings/Manuals/List of spare parts
  • This section shall provide a list of drawings, manuals and the list of spare parts for the equipment. The list of drawings includes detailed “AS BUILT” drawings,
  • G.A  drawings, schematic   drawings   of    utilities   and   drawings   of  various components. The drawings shall be examined to ensure that they represent the actual installation. The location of these drawings, manuals, list of spare parts etc., will be noted
  • Major Components
  • This  section  identifies and provides the specifications for the major components of  the instrument/equipment. These  specifications  shall be checked against the the “actuals” and  signed. Any  deviations  observed  shall  be  noted down under the  head “comments”. The  proper  installation  of   these  components  shall  be verified. The  availability   of   specifications    and    test    certificates   of   these components, if any shall be noted down under the head “Documentation”.
  • Control System :
  • This section is applicable for equipments/instruments with PLC based/SCADA based equipments
  • This  section  identifies  and  provides  the  specifications  for the Control system of   the   instrument/equipment. These  specifications  shall  be checked  against the “actuals” and  signed. Any  deviations  observed  shall  be noted down under the   head “comments”. The  proper   installation of  these  components  shall  be verified. The   availability   of   specifications    and   test   certificates   of    these components, if any shall be noted down under the head “Documentation”
  • Material of Construction
  • This section is required for the process equipments.
  • This section identifies and provides the material of construction used for the contact  as  well  as  non-contact  parts. The  verification  of  the  material  of construction  used  is  based  on  the  test  certificates  and   manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Safety features and alarms
  • This section shall list and verify all safety features and alarms installed.Each alarm and safety feature shall be listed individually.
  • Utilities :
  • This section shall list the specifications of the utilities installed. utility hook-up and the requirement of utilities of the equipment shall also be verified
  • Standard Operating Procedures/Operating instructions/
  • Preventive maintenance Procedures :
  • This section shall identify and list all the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) /Operating Instructions (OIs) / Preventive Maintenance Procedures (PMPs) associated  with the equipment/instrument
  • Installation verification :
  • This  section  shall  provide  a  summarized  verification  to  verify  the  proper installation  of  equipment/instrument  as  per  the  specifications of  manufacturer. This  section shall also provide a summary of critical  specifications which are not included anywhere  on the data sheets.
  • Acceptance Criteria :
  • This  section  shall  provide  an overview of  all pertinent information and data required  to  qualify the installation of the equipment/instrument as acceptable.

Annexure -II


  • A typical equipment protocol for Operational Qualification shall be under various heads as described below :
  • Objective :
  • This section will give a brief overview of the objectives of the Operational Qualification.
  • Instrumentation Calibration
  • This section shall list out all the critical and non-critical instruments of the equipment, wherever applicable.
  • Calibration of all critical instruments shall be performed at the beginning and at the end of the Performance Qualification and verified.
  • Non-critical instruments shall be calibrated during the operational qualification only.
  • All calibration data will be recorded on calibration data sheets and attached to the validation document.
  • Control Panel Testing :
  • This section shall verify that all the keys/components/controls on the control panel functions as designated.
  • ‘Method of testing’ and ‘Acceptance criteria’ to check each key/component/control on three different days shall be provided
  • Safety features and alarms testing :
  • This section shall verify that all safety features and alarms installed function when the required  conditions are simulated. The testing of safety features and alarms shall be carried out on three different days
  • SOP/OI/PMP Verification :
  • The  completeness  and  adequacy  of  all SOPs (associated  with the instrument/ equipment listed out in Installation Qualification) shall be verified
  • Operational Testing :
  • This  section  generally  provides various details like Purpose, Scope,Equipment used,Procedure, Documentation and Acceptance criteria of the individual tests to be performed. The data sheets and test results shall be attached to the validation document.
  • Acceptance Criteria :
  • This section shall verify the following :
  • All acceptance criteria set forth in the Operational Qualification were met.
  • All applicable data sheets are signed as checked and verified.
  • Calibration of instrumentation is performed.
  • All SOPs are verified for completeness and adequacy.

Annexure -III


  • Objective :
  • This section will give a brief overview of the objectives and procedures to be used for Performance Qualification
  • Performance Qualification protocol :
  • This section shall specify the Purpose, Scope, Equipment’s/Materials used,Procedure, Documentation and Acceptance Criteria.
  • Protocol Execution :
  • This section shall list out the personnel involved and deviations, if any during the execution of the Performance Qualification protocol
  • Task Report :
  • This section shall compile, analyse all the data generated out of the execution of Performance Qualification protocol. The data sheets, test results etc., shall be attached to the validation document
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