Dispatch of Finished Goods

Dispatch of Finished Goods


To lay down a procedure for dispatching of finished goods from finished goods warehouse.

  • Scope:

This SOP is applicable for finished goods warehouse of formulation plant at (Pharmaceutical Company Name).

  • Responsibility:

Finished Goods Store personnel shall be responsible to follow and implementation of the procedure mentioned in this SOP.

  • Accountability:

Finished Goods Store Incharge & QA Head shall be accountable for the implementation of this SOP.

  • Abbreviations and Definitions

QA              :            Quality Assurance

SOP            :            Standard Operating Procedure

  • Procedure:
    • Authorized personnel from Head office shall inform to warehouse personnel for dispatch of finished goods with daily dispatch instruction.
    • Dispatch report shall prepare by warehouse personnel daily in electronic form as per Annexure-I.
    • Finished goods shall be dispatched as per allocation given by Head Office, the draft copy of challan / invoice prepare on plain paper and same shall be checked by finished goods warehouse officer.
    • The freight & delivery instruction shall be written on invoice and informed to transporter picking-up the goods from the factory premises. Ensure the presence of labels/ stickers on the entire shippers at the time of dispatch.
    • After checking draft copy of challan / invoice, and find all the details are correct then final copy of challan / invoice shall be taken on four copies printed continue sheet and duly signed by warehouse officer as per annexure.
    • Entries shall be recorded in the daily stock ledger (printed RG1 Register) of finished goods maintained under the central excise law as per Annexure.
    • Gate pass shall be prepared in triplicate as per annexure. Refer ‘SOP on receipt of raw materials and packaging materials.
    • Before loading the Finished Goods in the vehicle warehouse department must take line clearance from the QA as per annexure No.
    • Goods shall be loaded in the vehicle under the supervision of warehouse dept. & in the presence of security personnel, QA.
    • The protection of the goods shall be covered properly ensuring stacking of shipper.
    • The time of removal is noted on every invoice & copies of the same shall be distributed to concern department / person.
    • The first & fourth copy of invoice shall be sent to marketing dept.
    • The second copy of invoice, first copy of gate pass / L.R. / G.R. shall be handed over to (Driver) transporter.
    • The second copy of gate pass with material shall send to security dept.
    • The third copy of gate pass, third copy of invoice & third copy of L.R. / G.R. shall be kept for office record.
    • After completion of dispatches on the day, closing stocks of finished goods shall be verified physically lying in the finished goods warehouse.
    • Finished goods shall be transported in such a way that storage conditions shall be maintained as per the requirement of the product.
  • Forms and Records
    • Daily Dispatch Summary                        –      Annexure I
    • Daily Stock Ledger                                –     Annexure II
    • Line clearance checklist for Dispatch       –     Annexure III
  • Distribution
    • Master copy                    –           Quality Assurance
    • Controlled copies                        –           Quality Assurance &  FG Store
  • History
DateRevision Number                  Reason for Revision
                      New SOP


                                                Annexure – I 

D.I. No.:                                                                     Date:                                       Recd. On.: 

Inv. No.DateAmountParty NameProduct NameQty/ StripBatch No.Mfg. DateExp. DateRateTransportL.R.No. & Date


                                                      Annexure – II 

Daily Stock Ledger (Under Rule 47, 53 & and 173 G

For Assesses Working under Self-Removal Procedure

Name & Address of the Factory

Product Name:







(2 & 3)

REMOVAL FROM THE FACTORYEducation Cess payableClosing BalanceRemarksSignature of the assesse or his agent
On Payment of DutyWithout Payment of DutyFor other purposeDuty
For home useFor Export

(Under claim for rebate of duty)

For Export

Under bond

To other

Factories or ware houses under Bond



Sec. Hi Edu. Cess
















AmountAmountI In Finishing RoomIn Bonded Store Room


                                              Annexure – III

                              Line clearance checklist for Dispatch

Product:______________________                              Batch No.:_______________ 

SR.  NO.:Check ListOK/NOT OKChecked By (Dispatch Dept.)Verified By  (I.P.Q.A)
1Check the release note before dispatch.   
2Check the COA before dispatch.   
3Finished goods for dispatch should be properly segregate.   
4Check the area of the vehicle used for carrying goods should be cleaned.   
5Roof of the vehicle should be covered.   
6Check for any unwanted material which may damage the finished goods.   

Remarks (if any)


Checked By/on                                                                               Verified By/on

(Dispatch dept.)                                                                                                                                                                             (I.P.Q.A)







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