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  • Utilities Specification

To design, engineer, and supply the Fluid Bed Processor and to provide assurance that the machine is manufactured as per the URS and it complies with the Scope of Supply.

To prove that each operation proceeds as per the design qualification and the tolerances prescribed there in the document, are the same at utmost transparency.

  • SCOPE:

The scope of this qualification document is limited to the Design Qualification of Fluid Bed Processor . This qualification document is part of a validation activity for the Fluid Bed Processor.

    • To Check and Approve the design qualification.
    • To design, engineer and provide the complete technical details of the equipment pertaining to its design qualification viz.
  • Machine overview,
  • P&ID drawing,
  • Equipment orientation with layout,
  • Specifications of the sub-components/ bought out items, and their make, model & quantity, and backup records/ brochures,
  • Details of Utilities,
  • Identification of components for calibration
  • Material of construction of all components
  • Safety features and alarms
  • To facilitate the client for the Factory acceptance test of the machine at their works/ site.
  • To confirm the safe delivery of the equipment to the user site.
  • To ensure that no un-authorized and or unrecorded design modifications shall take place. If at any point in time, any change is desired in the mutually agreed design, Change control procedure shall be followed and documented.
  • To ensure the proper installation and commissioning of the equipment. 

The Principle of Fluid Bed Dryer is to create a fluidal turbulence in and a granulated or Powdery wet product by means of hot air or dehumidified air flowing in an upward Direction & to dry the same to the final required degree in a careful manner. 


In Fluid Bed Dryer the wet material is transposed to a fluidized state by hot air stream that surrounds the material completely & therefore the heat Transfer rate achieved is very high & the temperature distribution throughout   the product is uniform. Due to this, drying time is considerably Reduced & therefore high production rates are achieved in comparison to other dryers. As the product is in the close contact with hot Air at low temperature & also for short duration, the physical & chemical properties of the product are generally not affected  & therefore the dryer can effectively be used for the heat sensitive products. Due to movement of

product during drying, lump   formation, case hardening etc., is minimized.The Fluid Bed Dryers are not suitable for drying of liquids or pasty material. 


The principle of Fluid Bed Processor is to produce the uniform sized granules from the dry powder / crystalline material by addition of binder material and spraying the liquid solution through top spray atomizing nozzle, peristaltic spray pump etc. The liquid is transported to spray nozzle by peristaltic pump and mixed with compressed air to spray trial runs to achieve the optimum results and fine quality granules.

The success of processor also depends on good binder composition. The ingredients are PVP, KBO, CMC, Starch, Gelatin, Sugar Methyl cellulose, ethyl cellulose, Lactose.


Material should be transferred to product bowl either manually or mechanically. Material unloading can be done by tilting the bowl and by manual operation. The unloading may be done means of Pn. Conveying system or mechanical tipper. 


M.O.C.  –  S.S. 316 ,THICKNESS  -3 mm

It is a Cylindrical Retarding Chamber & Filter Bag Housing, Vertical Explosion Chamber etc. supported on slabs. A cylindrical bottom body resting on floor Level.

The Accessories of main body are: –

  1. Vertical Cylindrical Body
  2. PC Bottom & Top Sealing Gaskets.
  3. Safety Device for PC.
  4. L / S Glass Windows
  5. Farthing Device
  6. Air Inlet Nozzle
  7. Blower Inlet Nozzle
  8. Explosion Frame & Flap (Vertical)
  9. Lifting Eyebolts & Lugs
  10. Spray Window & Cover
  11. Pneumatic Shaking Cylinder
  12. Pneumatic Component for PC Sealing
  13. Pneumatic component for bag sealing & shaking
  14. Bottom Dish, Leg supports.
  15. Bottom Drain Triclover union with blind cover
  16. Charging Nozzle
  17. CIP Nozzle & Manifold
  18. Manholes
  19. Support bracket frames
  20. Explosion duct extension and canopy         

          M.O.C. –  S.S. 304 ,THICKNESS   – 35 mm

It is an isolating valve between main body and air preparation unit. The type of valve is  On/Off. The flap is operated through a double acting pneumatic actuator. This remains close when the equipment is not in use or during bag shaking.


M.O.C.  –  S.S. 304 ,THICKNESS   – 35 mm

This valve is provided between the blower suction nozzle & main body. The type Of valve   is On/Off. The flap is operated through a double acting Pneumatic Actuator and this valve also remain close when the equipment is not in use or during bag shaking.


M.O.C. – S.S. 304,THICKNESS  -3 mm

It is Rectangular Housing to accommodate Air Filters (20+5 Micron, 3 Micron  & 0.3Hepa) and air heater. The one end is provided with filter Mounting frame while other with a transition duct for changing rectangular section to circular duct.

The Accessories Fitted are

  1. Steam Inlet & Outlet Nozzle
  2. Air Guide Cone
  1. S. Air Heater
  2. Δ P Connection Ports
  3. Access Door
  4. Hot & Cold Air Damper.
  5. Air Filter 20 + 5 Micron
  6. Fine Filter 3 Micron
  7. Hepa Filters 0.3 Micron
  8. Hepa test window with cover
  9. Hepa Filter fixing Frames
  10. Temperature Sensor Socket
  11. Lifting Lugs

M.O.C. – S.S. 316, THICKNESS   – 3 mm

This is a conical shaped container having the formed end at top and a welded flange at bottom. The wet product is loaded in the container, as per its working capacity i.e. 250 kg.

Accessories fitted are: –

  1. Bottom perforated plate
  2. Dutch Weave Mesh
  3. L/S Glass window
  4. Quick change Clamps
  5. Sampling Device
  6. Support bars
  7. Temperature Sensor

            M.O.C.  –  S.S. 304 , SIZE   – 40 NB PIPE

           This is a tubular structure to support the product container, provided With Provided for S.S. 304 swivel castors and PU Wheels. There are four nos. Guide wheel brackets easy locating with main body. The

Product container can be transported from one place to other easily with the help of trolley. 


M.O.C.  –  S.S. 304 Tubes + Aluminium Fins

M.S. Water Box & Structural Support

The dehumidifier is provided at inlet side of FBD. This is being used to control the relative humidify of process air by removal of excess moisture at the particular temperature.

This is rectangular in shape with end flanges for connection with air inlet ducting. The chilled water is being circulated at a controlled flow rate through the finned tubes that condense the excess moisture present in process air. This condensate is being drained automatically from bottom of dehumidifier through a siphon tube.

The accessories fitted are.

  1. Chilled water inlet & outlet nozzle
  2. Temp. Sensor socket
  1. RH sensor socket
  2. Chilled water control valve
  3. Auto-drain siphon tube
  4. Lifting lugs
  1. Structural support etc.
  2. Mist Eliminator 

M.O.C   – S.S. 304 or Aluminium,THICKNESS   – 32 G

The S.S. 304 or aluminium explosion flap comprising of 32 G. thick S.S. 304 foil  sand witched between S.S. Z frame + base frame & supported by a flat rubber gasket. This entire assembly is fitted on topside of main body as safety device. It suddenly releases the excess pressure developed inside due to explosion & prevents the equipment & building from damages.  It recommended that there should not be any obstruction in the vicinity of Explosion Flap up to a reasonable distance of about 3 meters or more. The suitable extensions Ducts may be provided to suit site requirements.  


                        `M.O.C.   –    S.S. 304

This is an automatic type bag shaking arrangement. When the bag Hanger & bag is connected through telescopic cylinder (3 stage),the shaking frequency and interval is variable parameters, which can be set through PLC controller. The bag Shaking is required to remove the adhered product particles on the bag contact surface to improve its permeability and avoid choking of the bags.

The accessories provided are:

  1. Filter bag sealing gasket
  2. FBT housing ring
  1. Multiple finger filter bag
  2. Filter bag hooks
  3. Filter bag hanger
  4. Quick change coupling
  5. Cylinder for shaking & lowering 

M.O.C.   –   S.S. 304 & M.S. THICKNESS   – 2 mm / 3 mm

The ducting are provided between air preparation unit, main body, product Container, blower inlet etc. made out of S.S. 304, this ducting conveys the air through filters bags to the blower suction.Then the air is exhausted through the blower outlet ducting made out of M.S. The size & length of ducting are designed to suit the site requirements.

The duct flanges are provided with FGN rubber gasket and C.S. /S.S. bolt & nuts.


M.O.C.  –  M.S. THICHNESS   – 4 / 5 mm

The blower is provided in the system to create an induced draft to pass the heated and conditioned air through wet product and create the fluidization state of material, which produces a uniformly dry product in a reasonably less time period.

The accessories of this assembly are:

  1. Dynamically balanced backward curved Aluminium Impeller
  1. Blower Casing
  2. Supporting Structure
  3. Anti vibration pads
  4. Blower suction nozzle
  5. Air guide cone
  6. Manually operated flow control damper
  7. Blower Inlet Shut Off Valve on/off type.
  8. Blower outlet extension duct
  9. Electric motor directly coupled with impeller
  10. Silencer

Direction of rotation of impeller is very critical & must be checked at the time of installation & trial run. Airflow is controlled through pn. Operated blower inlet shut off valve. This valve is located in the blower inlet duct and as near to main body as possible. The valve remains close during auto pneumatic shaking and at the end of process. 

  1. b)      SILENCER

                      M.O.C.  –  M.S.                                   THICHNESS   – 1.6 & 3 MM

The silencer is provided after the blower outlet damper & duct  the sound level up to 90 – 95 dB.

The accessories / parts of silencer are: –

1)         Perforated shell                                   2)         Jacket Shell

3)         Sound absorbing material                   4)         End flanges 


                      M.O.C.  –  M.S.                                   THICHNESS   – 3 mm

The exhaust filter housing will be normally installed between main body and the blower. This is provided with 5-micron air filters to arrest the fine particles escaping to atmosphere and caters the requirement of pollution control to some extent. 


M.O.C.  Food Grade Quality rubber Silicon / FGN Rubber

For sealing the product container top and bottom face, as well the filter bag bottom end,pneumatically operated inflatable sealing tubes are used. The tubes are inflated by compressed air at an operating pressure ranging of 1.8-to 2.2-kg/ cm². Low-pressure safety switches are provided for safety of products.

The accessories of the assembly are:

  1. Inflatable sealing gaskets.
  2. Pressure regulating valve with gauge.
  3. Pressure switches etc.
  4. Flow Control Valve. 

M.O.C.  –   Control Panel – S.S. 304                          THICKNESS   – 2 mm Thk.

M.O.C.  –   Pneumatic Panel   – S.S. 304                   THICKNESS   – 2 mm Thk.

M.O.C.  –   Power Panel – M.S.                                  THICKNESS   – 1.6 mm Thk.

  1. The S.S. 304 pneumatic control panel is integral with control panel & fitted with Pneumatic instruments viz.
  2. The SS 304 Control Panel is Top Pendent mounted type located suitably near equipment & fitted with Electrical & pneumatic Instruments Viz.
    1. Man machine Interface (MMI) or operator interface terminal of PLC (OIT)
    2. Audio Signal Hooter, Emergency off Push Button
    3. Push Buttons, Rotary Switches etc.
    4. Printer for data recording with s.s. Trolley
    5. Pressure gauges
    6. Pressure regulating valves
    7. Pressure gauges.

An operator can control the equipment operation & process through these control panels.

  1. The M.S. power panel is foot mounted Twin Cabinet self-supporting type, located away from the production area consisting of:
  1. PLC Controller
  2. Analog Modules
  3. Motor Contactors
  4. MCB’S
  5. Ammeter
  6. Voltmeter
  7. Indication Lamps
  8. Δ P Transmitters
  9. Cooling Fan & Air filters
  10. Panel Door Switch
  11. Connector terminals
  12. Earth safety relay
  13. Emergency Push Button
  14. Solid Flow Monitor
  15. Electrical

Due to high voltage switchgears, which are hazardous for flameproof areas, this panel is located away from equipment. At the non-production area same time maintenance becomes easier due to its remote location. 


The equipment is provided with control system & field instruments as list below.

01. Differential Pressure Gauge or Transmitter

For Hepa Filter

Dwyer Monitor Δ P Across Hepa filter
02. Differential Pr. Gauge for exhaust filters Dwyer Monitor Δ P Across exhaust filters
03. Programmable Logic Controller Mitsubishi Programming of process Logic
04. Variable Frequency Drive Mitsubishi To vary motor speed & air flow control
05. Operator Interface Terminal Beijer Process Monitoring
06. Printer Epson Process Records
07. Temperature Sensor For

Inlet Air

Outlet Air

Product Bed

Radix Temp. Measurement &


08. RH Sensor & Transmitter E+E or


Monitor & control air dehumidifier
09. Air Velocity Sensor E+E or Equiv Monitor & control air flow
10. Heating Control Valve (On/Off Type) Samson Steam Flow Control
11. Chilled water control valve (On/Off Type) Samson Chilled water diverting
12. Pr. Gauges and Regulators For PC Bottom,PCT Top & F.B.Tube Gaskets Radix / Festo Air Pr. Regulation
13. Pressure Gauge For Air Filter, Regulation Unit Festo Air Pr. Regulation
14. Pneumatic Cylinder Aircon Operating bag shaking
15. Pneumatic Actuator El-O-Matic Operating Inlet Shut Off Valves
16. Pneumatic Actuator With Positioner El-O-Matic For By Pass Damper
17. Earth Relay & Sensor AEC Ensure Earth Contact Off

Product Container

18. Ammeter & Voltmeter Meco-G Measuring Current & Voltage
19. Indication Lamps Teknic Ensure The Elec. Supply
20. Pneumatic Hand Valve & Solenoid Valves Festo Operating Sealing Gasket
21. Safety Pressure Switch Festo/


For Sealing Gaskets
22. Air Filters Pharmatek Air Filtration & Pollution Control
23. Explosion Flap AEC Safety of equipment & personnel
24. Silencer Alliance To reduce noise level of blower
25. Solid Flow Monitor STECS To Detect Bag Damage
26. Condensate Drain Valve Aira Removal of condensate from air Heater
27. CIP/ WIP Nozzle Siddarth /


Washing main body
28. Peristaltic Spray pump Electro Lab Spraying solution
29. Spray Nozzle Schlick or


Atomizing the spray solution
30. Flameproof Lamp Trimiti For better visualization in R.C.
Description Specification
1.            Pre-Filter
Filter Make Pharmatek
Micron rating / Material 5 + 20 Micron /(HDP /Dry Fabric)
Filter Size 24” X 24” X 12”
Capacity 2000 CFM
Efficiency 60 – 65 % on ASHRE STD.
Grade 20 + 5 m
Total No. 04
2.            HEPA-Filter
DOP Penetration 0.03 %
Filter Make Pharmatek
Micron rating / Material 0.3 micron/Micro glass Fiber
Filter Size 24” X 24” X 12”
Capacity 1100 CFM
Efficiency 99.97%
Total No. 04
3.            Filter bag
Filter Make Alliance
Micron rating / Material 5-10 micron / Anti static polyester cloth
No of Finger 37 finger
Air permeability 5 m3/m2/min at 10mm wc
4.            Product container
Capacity Wet material-250 kg
Temp. Sensing Port To be Provided
Sample Port To be Provided
Silicon Gasket To be Provided
Dutch weave To be Provided
5.            Expansion Chamber
Type Cylindrical
MOC SS 316
Qty. of Bull eye 03 nos.
MOC for Bull eye Toughened Glass
Explosion Valve To be provided
6.            Spray Nozzle Window
Spray Nozzle window To be provided
Qty. 04 nos.
7.            Material Charging Nozzle
Qty 01 No.
MOC SS 316
8.            Blower Motor
Type Flame proof, 3 phase induction motor
Power rating 30 HP / 415±10%V

/  50±5% Hz

RPM 2955
Make Crompton Greaves
9.            Air Inlet ON /  off  Valve
Air Inlet ON /  off  Valve To be provided
10.        Pressure Cylinder for shaking
Type Telescopic, double acting
Size 100 mm Ø, 700 mm Stroke x 3 Stage
End shaft SS 304

To be provided

Seals Nitrile rubber
11.        PLC Controller
Model FX2N, 32 MR
Digital I/P 16 Input
Digital O/P 16 Output
Make Mitsubishi
12.        Analog Input module
Make Mitsubishi
Model FXON, 3 A
Conversion Analog signal to digital signal
Quantity 4 Nos.
13.        MMI
Type CEPL / M52A
Serial port RS 422
Serial port RS 232
Display Touch screen
Supply voltage 24 VDC
14.        Printer
Type LX300+ Dot matrix printer
Model P170A
Make Epson
15.        Variable frequency drive
Type FRA540-18.5K
Model FRA 500
Make Mitsuibishi
16.        Pressure Gauge for Steam inlet
Make Radix
Least Count 0.2 kg / cm2
Range 0 – 10 kg/cm2
Mounting Bottom entry male type
17.        Pressure Gauge Steam Solenoid Valve PRV
Make Radix
Range 0 – 4.2 kg/ cm2
Least Count 0.1 kg / cm2
18.        Pressure Gauge for I/ P Converter
Make Radix
Range 0 – 4.2 kg/ cm2
Least  Count 0.1 kg / cm2
19.        Pressure Gauge for PC PRV
Make Radix
Range 0 – 4.2 kg/ cm2
Least  Count 0.1 kg / cm2
20.        Pressure Gauge for filter bag PRV
Make Radix
Range 0 – 4.2 kg/ cm2
Least  Count 0.1 kg / cm2
21.        Pressure Gauge for filter bag sealing tube
Make Radix
Range 0 – 4.2 kg / cm2
Least count 0.1 kg / cm2
Location Control Panel
22.        Pressure gauge for PC sealing
Make Radix
Range 0 – 4.2 kg / cm2
Least count 0.1 kg / cm2
Location Control Panel
23.        Air Velocity Sensor
Manufacturer E+E Electronics
Specification EE 70 – VT XX
Power Rating 24 VDC ± 20 %
Flow Rate – Range 0 – 20 [m/s]
24.        Temperature Sensor for Inlet air
Manufacturer Radix
Model PT 100 3 wire
Insert Length 12”
Temperature Range 0 –250 oC
25.        Pressure Gauge (Chilled water inlet)
Make Waaree
Range 0 – 16 kg / cm2
Least Count 0.2 kg / cm2
26.        Pressure Gauge (Chilled water outlet)
Make Waaree
Range 0 – 16 kg / cm2
Least Count 0.2 kg / cm2
27.        Temperature Sensor for Outlet air
Manufacturer RADIX
Model PT 100 3 wire
Insert Length 8”
Temperature Range 0 –250 oC
28.        Temperature Sensor for Product bed
Manufacturer RADIX
Model PT 100 3 wire
Insert Length 6”
Temperature Range 0 –250 oC
29.        Differential Pressure transmitter across HEPA filters
Manufacturer Dwyer Instruments
Model 616C-2
Input Range 0 –6” WC
30.        Differential Pressure transmitter across Product Filter bag
Manufacturer Dwyer Instruments
Model 616C-5
Input Range 0 -40” WC
Max. Pressure 15 PSIG
31.        Police Filter
Capacity 60 – 65 %
Size (24 X 24 X 12 ) mm
Micron Rating 5 m
Make Pharmatek
32.        I to P Converter
Make Watson smith
Type 100 X
Input 4-20mA
Output pressure 0.2 – 1 bar
Inlet pressure 5.5 bar
33.        Solid Flow Monitor
Size 300 mm long sensor
34.        Earth Safety  relay
Make Alliance
Input supply 220 VAC / 50 Hz / 5 A
Output Potential free contacts
Input Earth contact
35.        Sealing gaskets for Product container (top& bottom) and Filter bag
Type Inflatable tubes
MOC Non toxic Food grade silicone rubber/ Neoprene + PLC (White)
36.        Pneumatic Actuator for Drain Pump
Size 40 mm
Valve Ball type
Rating 150
Operating Pressure 80 PSI
37.        Pressure Actuator with Positioner for Air inlet
Make EL-O- Matic
Type PD-150
Input range 4 to 20 mA
Output range 3-15 PSI
38.        Pressure Actuator with Positioner for Bypass damper
Make EL-O- Matic
Type PD-60
39.        Pressure Actualator with positioner for outlet air
Make EL – O – Matic
Type PD – 150
40.        Rotary valve positioner
Make EL – O – Matic
Model LC
Range 0 – 900
41.        Emergency Switch Off
Qty. 02 Nos.
Position PLC/control Panel
42.        Product container sensor
Make Radix
43.        Pressure Gauge for rotary valve positoner closing
Make Wika
Range 0 – 10 kg / cm2
Least count 0.5 kg / cm2
44.        Pressure Gauge for rotary valve positoner opening
Make Wika
Range 0 – 10 kg / cm2
Least count 0.5 kg / cm2
45.        RH sensor cum transmitter
Make Rotronic
Power 10 – 35 VDC
Range 0 – 100 % RH
46.        Lamp
Make Trimiti
Type Flange proof / Water proof
Rating 100 W
47.        Dehumidifier
47.1          Chilling Coil
Make Alliance
Heat transfer area 238 Sq meter

a) Tube

b) Fin


SS 304


inlet/ Outlet temp. °C 7-8°C / 12-13°C
Air flow rate 8000 m3/ hr
47.2          Steam Air Heater
Type Finned tube
Make Virtex
MOC SS + SS 304
Heat Transfer Area 80 m2




Description Specification
Product Container SS 316
Dutch weave Mesh SS 316
Retarding chamber SS 316
Explosion chamber SS 316
Filter bag tube ring SS 316
Filter bag hanger SS 316
Charging nozzle SS 316
Trolley SS 304
Air inlet duct SS 304


Sr. No. Description Drawing No.
1 General arrangement drawing of Fluid bed Processor
  •  Utilities Specification 
Description Specified
Electrical Connection To be provided
Compressed Air Connection To be provided
Steam connection to the heating coil To be provided
Chilled water for dehumidifier To be provided

              The equipment shall be provided with safety features as listed below.

01. Slab Mounted Equipment For cGMP Site Layout
02. Motor Overload Relay, If Overload The Switch Gear Trip For Motor Safety
03. Earth Safety Relay, If Improper Earthing Halts The Process For Equipment & Operator Safety
04. Emergency Off, If Activated Stops The Process For Equipment & Operator Safety
05. Pressure Switches For –

1)     P.C. Sealing Gasket

2)      F.B. Tube Gasket

If Air Pressure Lower Than Required Then Stops The Process

For Product Safety & Gasket Safety
06. Temp. Sensors Air Inlet, If Inlet Temp. Increases Than Set Value, The Steam Control Valve Closes. For Product Safety
07. Password Protection To Operate PLC, Recipe Features Via Operator Interface Terminal For Product Safety & Batch Integrity
08. Explosion Flap, If Released Relieves The Excess Pressure Developed During Explosion For Plant Building, Equipment& Human Safety
09. Safety Clamps (Manual) For Holding Product Container & Acting As A Jumper For Earth Continuity Of PC & RC For Equipment & Product Safety
10. Solid Flow Monitor, If activated stops blower For Preventing Product Loss
11. RH Sensor, if the RH value exceeds the set point then cold water flow gets diverted For product quality consistency

Factory Acceptance Test Procedure shall be as follows:

After the completion of erection work of the machine, client shall be informed to perform the factory acceptance test (FAT).

Client shall perform the FAT at the manufacturer site and record all the data in the prescribed FAT document as per the details given below: 

  1. Test criteria
  2. Design Verification Check list
  3. Deficiency & Corrective Action report
  4. Pre-installation requirements
  5. Final report

Change in the agreed design shall be addressed through the well-defined Change control procedure.


                        Abbreviations and Definitions reference Document           

01. ∆ PG Differential Pressure Gauge
02. A Ammeter
03. AI Analog Input
04. AO Analog Output
05. AFS Air Flow Sensor
06. ASS Ammeter Selector Switch
07. AISOV Air Inlet Shut Off Valve
08. BISOV Blower Inlet Shut Off Valve
09. C Contactor
10. CF Cooling Fan
11. CGMP Current Good Manufacturing Practice
12. CT Current Transformer
13. CDV Condensate Drain Valve
14. DI Digital Input
15. DO Digital Output
16. DS Panel Door Switch
17. DH Dehumidifier
18. EPB Emergency Push Button
19. ER Earth Relay
20. ES / ED Earth Senor / Earthing Device
21. F Fuse
22. FB Filter Bag
23. FBD / FBP Fluid Bed Dryer / Fluid Bed Processor
24. For Pn. Fitting and Accessories Pn. Accessories, Ref. Pn. Data list & Circuit
25. FBT Filter Bag Tube
26. FCD Flow Control Damper
27. H Hooter
28. HCV Heating Control Valve
29. HMI or MMI Man Machine Interface
30. HTW Hepa Test Window
31. HP Horse Power
32. HV Hand valve
33. I/P I to P Convertor
34. LR Pressure Regulating Valve
35. M Motor
36. M  1 Proportional Pn. Actuator
37. MCB Miniature Circuit Breaker
38. ME MIST. Eliminator
39. MOC Material of Construction
40. OIT Operator Interface Terminal
41. O/L Overload Relay
42. PB Push Button
43. PC Product Container
44. PID Proportional (P), integral (I), Derivative (D)
45. PCB Product Container Bottom
46. PCT Product Container Top
47. PG Pressure Gauge
48. PLC Programmable Logic Controller
49. PO Purchase Order
50. PS Pressure Switch
51. RH Relative Humidity
52. RPM Rotations Per Minute
53. RS Rotary Selector Actuator
54. S Solenoid Valve
55. SS Stainless Steel
56. SFM Solid Flow Monitor
57. TR Temp. Transmitter
58. TC & B Triclover & Blind
59. V Voltmeter
60. VSS Voltmeter Selector Switch
61. VFD Variable Frequency Drive





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