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Clean area footwear cleaning & sanitization

Clean area footwear cleaning & sanitization


To lay down the procedure for clean area foot ware cleaning & sanitization.

2.0     SCOPE :                                  

This SOP is applicable for foot ware cleaning & sanitization for clean area of SVP section 


3.1       References

3.1.1    In-House

3.2       Attachments

3.2.1    Attachment: I  Clean area foot ware sanitization record


4.1       Production  Person:

4.1.1    To verify that employees are trained before performing or operation any task relevant to this SOP.

4.1.2    To perform the operation.

4.2       Production Head:

4.2.1    To ensure the compliance of SOP.

4.3       Quality Assurance Persons:

4.3.1    To verify that all the instructions are followed properly as per the SOP.

4.3.2   To ensure implement of the SOP.


  1. Production
  2.  II.   Quality Assurance.


6.1       Definition 


6.2      Abbreviations

SOP   : Standard Operating Procedure

QA    : Quality Assurance

PROD. : Production

C.C. No. : Change Control Number

SS : Stainless Steel.

WFI : Water For Injection


7.1 Clean Area foot ware Cleaning & sanitization

7.1.1      Collect clean area foot ware in plastic Crate.

7.1.2      Prepared Teepol solution (0.1%v/v).solution with hot purified water or WFI.

7.1.3      Dip the foot ware (shoes/sleeper) in prepared Teepol solution.

7.1.4      Scrub the foot ware to remove any sticky dust, glass, plastic particles sticking at the base.

7.1.5      Rinse the Teepol solution 2-3 times with hot purified water.

7.1.6      Prepare 15 liters disinfectant solution in crate as per SOP NO

7.1.7      Sanitize the foot ware  with the following disinfectant solution.

I      Dettol  2.5 % v/v

II     Silvicide / Virosil 5 % v/v

7.1.8      15 litres disinfectant solution required for approx. 10 pair foot ware cleaning.

7.1.9      Soak the foot ware in the disinfectant solution at least for 30 minutes.

7.1.10    After disinfection removes the foot ware from the Crate and allowed to dry & keep in  designated place.

7.1.11    Maintain Clean area foot ware sanitization record as per Attachment-I.

7.1.12    Frequency :  Weekly or Whenever necessary.


Version No. 00 Effective date

Detail of revision : New SOP

 Attachment: I   

Company logo Company Name & address
Clean area foot ware sanitization record Page No. x of y


Sr. No. Date Quantity of foot ware Disinfectant Name Soaking Time Done by Checked by Remarks
From To

Frequency : Weekly or whenever necessary

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